MasterChef 2023: release date, next episode, contestants and interviews with the judges

MasterChef 2023 judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace in posed shot.
MasterChef 2023 judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace are suited, booted and ready for showtime. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

MasterChef 2023 judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode turn up the heat as the nineteenth series of BBC One’s popular culinary competition is underway. 

Over eight weeks 45 talented amateur cooks are whittled down to just one, who will then be crowned MasterChef champion 2023. First, however, they must make a good impression on Gregg and John’s taste buds. 

In the opening episode of the series, the first batch of contestants’ initial task is to dish up a family favorite, with the aim of showing the seasoned judges who they are as a cook. But with underdone chicken, curdled ice cream, and some risky microwaving, the stakes have never been higher. 

In the second episode, the cooks are asked to create a dish inspired by their favorite celebrity chef.

What to Watch talked to Gregg Wallace and John Torode and here they guide us through what to expect from MasterChef 2023

MasterChef 2023 — release date

MasterChef 2023 got underway on Monday, April 10 at 8 pm on BBC One. 

There are three new episodes of MasterChef each week. The series doesn't seem to have a regular pattern for episodes this year, so please check below for the latest updates on when each heat airs. 

All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission. 

John Torode and Gregg Wallace talk us through what to expect from MasterChef 2023

How impressive are the contestants taking part in MasterChef 2023?

John Torode: “There are some great stories going forward. The people I think are brilliant to watch change — their inspiration changes once they find their style and boom, off they go. 

“This series we see ingredients people may not have used like gochujang and chilli sauce. Miso is absolutely enormous, with people using it in everything from ice cream to caramel sauce. People are now influenced by so many different things.”

Gregg Wallace: “I often wonder if we’ve had their backgrounds checked to see if they’ve had professional training. Of course, they haven’t, but I’m just amazed that self-taught people can reach such an extraordinary standard of home cookery.”

Does the show change your mind about unusual food combinations?

GW: "Yes! Regularly we get things put together and I’ll think, ‘Keep an open mind.’ What used to scare me now actually makes me quite excited. I like a fusion of styles. People that may have been brought up in one country, lived in another and now they’re in the UK, they combine those styles together. You know you’ve got a really good dish when you end up eating it all.”

JT: “I think it broadens my horizons. There’s a thing we’ve done this year called ‘So wrong it’s right.’ Some of the dishes were brilliant. In episode one, someone makes us a classic Chinese dumpling, but it's filled with the flavours of a cheeseburger. Now that’s got to broaden your horizons! [Later in the series] One person put a chocolate sauce on a lamb chop and it didn’t work, but everything else was like, ‘Wow!” 

What common mistakes do contestants still make?

GW: “Even though they've been cooking well for a number of years, they start to doubt themselves and try to posh up a dish because they think it's not good enough. More often than not, it is good enough. John regularly asks a really good question —  would you have done it like this at home? A common mistake is thinking they’ve to MasterChef it up.”

JT: “Another mistake is somebody thinking that they can emulate a high-class restaurant. Food doesn't just come from your hands and your eyes, it comes from your life experiences. We can both taste the difference. That’s the biggest mistake when they try to do something which is not truly what they know and love.” 

This is series 19. What do you think is the secret to the MasterChef’s longevity?

GW: “It's made by very skillful television makers. Whether you like or dislike [contestants taking part], you have an interest in them. You want to see how they get on. Also, every MasterChef program works as a standalone episode as well as part of the series. You don't have to commit to a whole series. You can come in at episode one and come back in at episode six, and wouldn't be lost. I think that's very clever.”

JT: “I think that's right. I also think the fact that Gregg and I aren't scripted. Because we’re not scripted we’re allowed to fall out or get upset — that's why sometimes it gets emotional.”

John Torode and Gregg Wallace in a pantry surrounded by food.

Taste of success. John and Gregg's epic taste test to find the winner of MasterChef 2023 begins! (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

Next year marks 20 years of MasterChef. How will you celebrate?

GW: “We’ll come into work, eat a load of food, have a few giggles and enjoy our work as we always do. It’ll be the same, and I think that is a celebration in itself to be honest.”

JT: “Yes, the joy of doing MasterChef for us is that we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll walk in the door and be as surprised as viewers. We love it. Thanks everybody for watching.”

Is there a trailer for MasterChef 2023?

Yes! Check out this delicious treat!

MasterChef 2023 contestants

The week one contestants: Geva, 66, a local government councillor; Jo, 56, a CEO of a recruitment company; Jonny, 31, a tech product trainer; Matthew, 33, an IT project coordinator, Nickolas, 31, a delivery driver; Terri, 30, an accountant; Vanessa, 36, an anti-piracy manager; Woei, 41, a supermarket manager; and Zoe, 26, who works as a manager in a tech start up. 

Week two's MasterChef 2023 contestants: Thirty-something Claire; Adam, 34, a bricklayer; Anurag Aggarwal, 40, a chartered accountant; Cliodhna, 24, a personal trainer; Forest, 34, a marketing director; Joanne, 46, a stay at home mum; NKY, 49, a civil servant; Omar, 31, a toy developer in marketing agency; and Victor, 62, an IT consultant.

Week three's MasterChef contestants: Hannah, 28, a receptionist, who lives in London; Joseph, 30, a Budapest-born video game producer, who lives in Birmingham; Linda, 59, a medical secretary, who lives in Wales; Michelle, 36, a special education needs assistant from Northern Ireland; Miles, 35, a graphic designer from London; Mirel, 34, a hairdresser from Romania, who lives in London; Ngoneh, 38, a nurse from Gambia, who lives in Hull; Owen, 50, a hotel supervisor from South Africa, who lives in Harrogate; Thuy, 50, a piano teacher from Vietnam, who lives in Berkshire. 

Week four's MasterChef contestants: Anurita, 30, is a fashion and textile artist. From India, she moved to the UK five years ago and now lives in Greater Bristol; Chariya, 40 is a master coffee roaster. Born and raised in Thailand, she moved to the UK nearly 20 years ago and now lives in Hampshire; Chris, 43 is a circus performer. Born in the Cotswolds, and  grew up in London and now lives in Oxfordshire; Emma, 42, works in property management. Born in Texas she grew up in Scotland and now lives in Glasgow; Fabio, 38 is a tree surgeon. Born in Newcastle to an English mother and Sicilian father, he now lives in London; Josh, 25, works as a recruitment consultant. He grew up in Hertfordshire before moving to Cheltenham for university and now lives in Warwickshire; Nikka, 27, is a neonatal nurse. She grew up in the Philippines she now lives in London; Robin, 28, is a Child Rights Officer. Born in Cheshire, he spent his childhood in Italy, and now lives in Wales; Ryan, 27, works as a fire and security engineer. He lives in Greater Manchester with his fiancé and two children.

Week five's MasterChef contestants: Cristina, 63, is a retired tour guide who loves cooking for her family and experimenting with food; Diya, 38, is a travel consultant and embraces experimentation when it comes to food and enjoys creating fusion dishes; Gift shop owner Endang, 51, enjoys creating spontaneous Indonesian dishes and isn't a stickler for following recipes; Health and safety specialist Fannata, 29, is inspired by the West African dishes of her childhood as well as food from around the world; Sports journalist Jack, 30, describes his cooking style as "a contemporary take on classic combinations" which he loves cooking for friends and family;  Jeff, 30 works as an IT consultant. Having lived in France and Canada before moving to the UK his cooking style is inspired by his travels; John, a painter and decorator from Bristol, is championing delicious yet low carb, refined sugar-free cooking, inspired by his child's Type 1 diabetes diagnosis; Richard also works as a painter and decorator and loves creating A La Carte-inspired dishes; Vijaya, 37, works as an IT consultant and is passionate about creating authentic Indian dishes with a modern touch/

MasterChef Week 6 is Knockout Week. Have your favourites made it through? Check out this Tweet from the official MasterChef UK account to find out...

MasterChef Week 7 Semi-Finals week: Who’s made it through and who are you rooting for? Check out this Tweet from the official MasterChef UK account to find out who is competing this week…

MasterChef Week 8 — Finals Week 2028: The four finalists battle for first place in this year's MasterChef! Anurag, Chariya, Omar and Terri all have their eye on the prize, but who will crumble, and who will rise? See below for our episode guide to the final heats.

MasterChef 2023 — episode guide

Week 1

MasterChef 2023 — episode 1:

Airs Monday 11 April 2023 at 8pm on BBC 1. 

The first nine contestants of 2023 are challenged to make a family favourite, that John Torode and Gregg Wallace judge in a special MasterChef tasting room — completely unaware which dish has been prepared by which contestant. 

MasterChef 2023 — episode 2:

Airs Tuesday 12 April 2023 at 9pm on BBC 1.

The cooks who didn't make it through on Monday get a second chance to impress Gregg and John. They're asked to dish up something tasty that's been inspired by their favourite celebrity chef. The heat is on as they try to secure a place in the quarter-final...

MasterChef 2023 — episode 3:

Airs Friday 14 April at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

It's the third episode of 24 and the first MasterChef quarter-final of 2023. The most impressive cooks of the week fight for their place in the semi-finals — while former contestants judge them! 

In this outing to the MasterChef kitchen the remaining contestants must cook two courses that will excite not just regular judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, but also by last year's series finalists and champion — Eddie Scott, Pookie Tredell and Radha Kaushal-Bolland. Only the best cooks can earn themselves a place in knockout week, so these amateurs need to show real flair and ambition to edge closer to the 2023 trophy...

Judges on MasterChef 2023.

Some familiar faces return for heat 3 of MasterChef 2023. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

Week 2

MasterChef 2023 — episode 4:

Airs Tuesday 18 April 2023 at 9pm on BBC 1.

It's the second week of heats and nine home cooks hope to to impress John and Gregg in this week's audition round. The judge blind taste-test their dishes and pick three of the best cooks to fast track into the next round of the competition. The remaining six cooks face an invention test, which will see two of the contestants heading home...

MasterChef 2023 — episode 5:

Airs Thursday 20 April at 8pm on BBC 1.

The contestants face two challenges designed to gauge both their creativity and culinary repertoire. The first is set to a brief by leading food critic Jay Rayner, who asks that they put their finest dishes forward using a batter or dough. After that, they are challenged to serve up a dish featuring chocolate.

MasterChef 2023 — episode 6:

Airs Friday 21 April at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

The remaining hopefuls serve up the two courses they hope will see them through to knockout week. John Torode and Gregg Wallace taste their efforts, as well as three previous champions — Thomasina Miers (2005), Kenny Tutt (2018) and Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed (2017). With just two places up for grabs, the amateurs need to show real flair and ambition to edge closer to this year's trophy

Kenny Tutt, Thomasina Miers, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed judge heat 6 and the second quarter-final of of MasterChef 2023.

Kenny Tutt, Thomasina Miers, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed judge heat 6 and the second quarter-final of of MasterChef 2023. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

Week 3

MasterChef 2023 — episode 7:

Airs Tuesday 25 April 2023 at 9pm on BBC 1. 

Nine new home cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen for the first time. The hopefuls must show John Torode and Gregg Wallace who they are as a cook by cooking a family favourite. The three best cooks are given immunity from cooking in the next round. The remaining six contestants, however, must cook a winning dish to ensure their place in the competition.

MasterChef 2023 — episode 8:

Airs Thursday 27 April 2023 at 8pm on BBC1.

The remaining seven best home cooks from Monday's first return to test their culinary wits. Challenges include cooking a dish to a brief set by food critic Leyla Kazim while also trying to impress John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

MasterChef 2023 — episode 9:

Airs Friday 28 April 2023 at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

The ninth heat of the competition and third quarter-final sees Week 3's most gifted four cooks return and fight for a place in Knockout Week. They must cook two courses that will excite not just regular judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, but also 2019 champion Irini Tzortzoglou, 2021 champion Tom Rhodes and 2018 semi-finalist Nisha Parmar.

Irini Tzortzoglou, Tom Rhodes and Nisha Parmar are in the judges seat for the third quarter final of MasterChef 2023.

Irini Tzortzoglou, Tom Rhodes and Nisha Parmar are in the judges seat for the third quarter final of MasterChef 2023. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV Ltd.)

Week 4

MasterChef — episode 10:

Airs Monday 01 May 2023 at 8pm on BBC1.

Nine new contenders attempt to impress the judges with their family favourites... 

MasterChef — episode 11:

Airs Tuesday 02 May 2023 at 9pm on BBC 1.

The heat is well and truly on as the seven best home cooks from the first rounds of the competition return to the MasterChef kitchen to face two new challenges. 

Jimi Famurewa, one of the country's toughest food critics, sets the challenge for the chefs to cook a dish made of leftovers or waste. Only the best cooks will go on to the second challenge — creating a dish celebrating citrus. 

MasterChef — episode 12:

Airs Thursday 04 May 2023 at 8.30pm on BBC1.

The fourth quarter-final sees the week's most talented four cooks return to fight for a place in Knockout Week. They must cook two courses that will excite not just regular judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, but also 2020 champion Thomas Frake, 2010 champion Dhruv Baker and 2021 finalist Alexina Anatole.

Week 5

MasterChef — episode 13:

Airs Monday 08 May 2023 at 8pm on BBC1.

It's the last week of heats and the pressure is on for nine new contestants. 

MasterChef — episode 14:

Airs Wednesday 10 May 2023 at 8pm on BBC1.

The seven best cooks from Monday night's MasterChef face their toughest critic to date — Grace Dent. Grace tasks the contestants with making a super pot luck supper. Those who survive this round are then asked to create a dish with spice at its heart. 

MasterChef — episode 15:

Airs Friday 12 May at 8.30pm on BBC 1. 

The last quarter-final of 2023 sees this week's most talented cooks return to fight for a place in Knockout Week. The four contenders are asked to prepare two courses that will impress not just regular judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, but also three guest judges, who know from personal experience what it is to be in their shoes — Ping Coombes from MC 2014, Simon Wood from MC 2015 and 2020 MC finalist Claire Fyfe!

Claire Fyfe, Simon Wood and Ping Coombes.

Claire Fyfe, Simon Wood and Ping Coombes. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV Ltd)

Week 6

MasterChef — episode 16:

Airs Tuesday 16 May at 9pm on BBC 1. 

In the opener for Knockout Week the remaining 14 chefs are divided into two groups. The first group of seven cook a dish that they would have on the menu of their own restaurant/pop-up/would feature in their cookbook. Guest judge Anna Haugh helps John Torode (Gregg Wallace was unable to film this episode) to decide the five people who qualify to cook at a restaurant and the two home cooks heading home. The remaining five head to Kings Cross in London to work at Decimo under chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias. During a busy lunch service, they will be entirely responsible for serving the restaurant's menu to paying customers. What could go wrong?

MasterChef — episode 17:

Airs Thursday 18 May at 8pm on BBC1

It's the turn of the second group of seven hopefuls to compete for the chance to work in a professional kitchen for the first time. In this pressurised episode, as the the previous one, they must cook a dish they would have on the menu of their own restaurant or pop-up or feature in their cookbook. With Gregg still unwell, Monica Galetti joins John Torode to decide which two will be going home. Once the decision is made, the remaining five head off to work in the Royal Opera House's Piazza restaurant under the guidance of executive chef Richard Robinson, where those deemed the best of the bunch will make it through.

MasterChef — episode 18:

Airs Thursday 18 May at 8pm on BBC1

Gregg Wallace is back by John Torode's side as knockout week prepares to come to a thrilling end. In this episode the 10 remaining cooks are asked to serve up a dish that they can eat with their hands. With two of the contenders definitely going home and the other eight graduating to next week's semi-finals, Gregg and John have a big decision to make...

Monica Galetti joins John Torode in the MasterChef kitchen for the second Knockout Round of MasterChef 2023.

Monica Galetti joins John Torode for the second Knockout Round of MasterChef 2023. (Image credit: Shine TV)

Week 7

MasterChef — episode 19:

Airs Tuesday 23 May at 9pm on BBC 1. 

It goes without saying — the heat is on as the semi-finals kick off! The first challenge involves a visit to Gloucestershire's Fire Service College where, cooking in teams for the first time, the hopefuls have three and a half hours to serve a feast for 120 of the emergency responders and trainers. Later, back in the MasterChef kitchen, they get creative with tinned and jarred food, but for one of them, this will be their swan song…

MasterChef — episode 20:

Airs Thursday 25 May at 8pm on BBC 1. 

The five remaining competitors are asked to whip up a dish with ingredients that traditionally wouldn’t be put together and make it tasty - no mean feat! Then it’s off to the Francis Crick Institute in central London, Europe's largest biomedical laboratory, which carries out ground-breaking research with the aim of helping treat, diagnose and prevent human disease. There, under the watchful eye of celebrated chef Jozef Youssef, they must cook a five-course celebratory lunch, recreating one of Jozef's technically demanding recipes.

MasterChef — episode 21:

Airs Friday 26 May at 8.30pm on BBC 1. 

Imaginations are unleashed for the all-important semi-final tonight as the hopeful contestants are tasked with cooking a dish that’s both “theatrical and fantastical.” A piece of cake, right? Wait, there’s more… The hopefuls’ dishes must also push boundaries, playing with both mind and senses. Then it’s up to seasoned judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace to decide who will make it through to Finals Week!

John Torode and Gregg Wallace dressed up in fire fighter outfits.

John and Gregg expect the contestants to be on fire for the semi-finals. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

Week 8

MasterChef — episode 22:

Airs Monday 30 May at 9pm on BBC 1.

It is Finals Week and Anurag, Chariya, Omar and Terri are in Istanbul, where they are paired up to cook two local dishes rooted in centuries of tradition, mentored by one of Turkey's best-known chefs, Refika Birgül. This is followed by a busy lunch service with chef Fatih Tutak at Turk — the only restaurant in the city to have been awarded two Michelin stars, so the pressure is immense. Having been put through the ringer with those two tasks, the hopefuls must then cook lunch for the British Consulate General and various high profile guests, including three judges from the Turkish version of MasterChef...

MasterChef — episode 23:

Airs Tuesday 31 May at 8pm on BBC 1.

It's the penultimate episode of MasterChef 2023 and the finish line is in touching distance. But not before the aspiring chefs are put through their paces by celebrated chef Clare Smyth, who trained with Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse. At London restaurant Core the finalists each cook one of her food creations at a special lunch for a select group of chefs including Sat Bains, Tom Kitchin, Jonny Lake and Nieves Barragán Mohacho. With nerves frayed, immense pressure, and everything to cook for, it's a testing time for the remaining contestants, as four become three.

MasterChef — episode 24:

Airs Thursday 01 June at 8pm on BBC 1.

It's time! After an arduous eight-week journey, the search for the country's best amateur cook reaches its climax. But first the finalists must push themselves to the limit for one last time. 

With Terri eliminated in the previous episode, Anurag, Chariya and Omar have everything to cook for, as this is their very last chance demonstrate what they've learned and reveal the cook they've become.

Who will push their culinary boundaries and deliver showstoppingly good food, impressing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace enough to award them the coveted MasterChef trophy and become the series' 19th champion? 

The MasterChef finalists with Gregg and John.

The MasterChef finalists of 2023 have everything to cook for. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

MasterChef winner 2023

Chariya Khattiyot is the winner of MasterChef 2023!

From BBC: "Chariya Khattiyot, 40, has gone from master coffee roaster to MasterChef Champion, becoming the 19th amateur cook to claim the coveted title on BBC One’s prestigious cooking competition.

"Facing off the talents of 44 other ambitious contestants, Chariya triumphed at the end of eight exciting weeks of MasterChef culinary challenges, which culminated in a white-knuckle cook-off against the exceptional remaining finalists, Anurag Aggarwal, 41,  and Omar Foster, 31. Chariya was awarded the revered MasterChef trophy by judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace on TV’s biggest cooking competition.

"An emotional Chariya reacted to her win: 'This is unbelievable. It means the world, the sun, the moon and everything to me. I don’t think anything can top this. I’m so happy! This just proves that if you dream something and you work really hard and you never give up, you can get it. That’s what my grandad said to me — never give up. He would be so proud of me!'

"Both judges also shed a tear as they announced the Champion."

Chariya Khattiyot with her well deserved MasterChef 2023 trophy.

Chariya Khattiyot with her well deserved MasterChef 2023 trophy. (Image credit: BBC/Shine TV)

This is unbelievable. It means the world, the sun, the moon and everything to me.

Chariya Khattiyot

John Torode on Chariya Khattiyot's win:

"Chariya’s food has always been honest and from the heart. It’s always exciting, it’s always unusual and it’s always been beautiful and addictive. And not just punchy, exciting Thai flavours that we saw at the start, but also exceptional, innovative and exciting technique all the way through. A proper master."

Gregg Wallace on Chariya Khattiyot's win:

"Chariya is outstanding and one of the best MasterChef contestants I can remember. Chariya has delighted and amazed me in equal measure. Some of her creations are absolutely beautiful - almost with an artist’s touch. She is one of the most creative, skillful cooks I’ve seen on MasterChef for a long, long time."

Congratulations Chariya, Anurag and Omar. We can't wait to see what you do next! 

(Maybe a revisit to the MasterChef Studios next year on the other side as judges?!)

MasterChef 2023 is available to view on BBC iPlayer. 

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