'Mega Mansion Hunters': release date, what happens, and all about the property series that follows a luxury estate agents

Meet the 'Mega Mansion Hunters' team (from left) Quas, Erin, Reis, Sophie, Tyron, Alex, Chloe and Brett.
Meet the 'Mega Mansion Hunters' team (from left) Quas, Erin, Reis, Sophie, Tyron, Alex, Chloe and Brett. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Mega Mansion Hunters on Channel 4 this February will show how the housing market for the super-rich is a cutthroat business. There's fierce competition as mansions and luxury homes can sell for millions, landing a massive commission for the estate agent handling the sale. The three-parter follows top-end estate agents Tyron Ash Real Estate who have sold nearly £300 million worth of property in just 18 months using social media. With commission-only pay, the stakes are high!

So here's everything you need to know about Channel 4's new three-part fly-on-the wall series Mega Mansion Hunters...

Meet the 'Mega Mansion Hunters' (from left) Quas, Erin, Reis, Sophie, Tyron, Alex, Chloe and Brett.

Tyron (standing third from left) with his 'Mega Mansion Hunters' team. (Image credit: Channel 4)

'Mega Mansion Hunters' release date

Mega Mansion Hunters launches on Channel 4 on Wednesday February 9 2022 at 10pm. It's a three-part series and after the first episode is show the series will then become available asa box set on the streaming service All4. We will update if there's a US or worldwide air date.

What happens in 'Mega Mansion Hunters'

Mega Mansion Hunters will introduce us the team at Tyron Ash Real Estate, headed by larger-than-life character Tyron himself, who demands big things from his staff. With commission-only pay, competition between the agents to sell the mega mansions on the books is cutthroat, and an ongoing battle between rival agents Sophie and Alex causes serious ructions, while glamorous new agent Erin ruffles feathers with her promise to be the company’s biggest seller…

"We’re talking about real estate sharks here," says Tyron, who grew the business after turning his life around following a stint in prison for dealing drugs. "We target unsold properties on the market with other estate agents. We’ll knock on the door and introduce ourselves as the luxury real estate agent in their area then bring in buyers from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s how we win business."

Agents can earn a staggering £75,000 in commission selling a £5million home, but the job can be tough. Agent Sophie is struggling to keep up as she recovers from a Brazilian bum lift, leaving Tyron unimpressed. She’s also in an ongoing battle with colleague Alex, after he claims she stitched him up over the sale of a luxury home in Cornwall, taking the commission for herself!

To save her job she must beat Alex to the sale of a swanky £7 million property in London, but sparks fly. Can Sophie survive in the dog-eat-dog world of posh real estate? "Sophie’s been underachieving and I need to address it," says Tyron. "I’m very disappointed – and I don’t accept excuses!"

Tyron has turned his life around since serving time in prison.

Tyron has turned his life around since serving time in prison. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Is there a 'Mega Mansion Hunters' trailer?

Sadly it doesn't look like Channel 4 has released a trailer for Mega Mansion Hunters, so we'll have to wait to see Tyron, Sophie and co wheeling and dealing when the series starts on February 9.

'Mega Mansion Hunters' episode guide

Here's our guide to each episode of Mega Mansion Hunters, which will also be available as a box set on All4 after the first episode has shown on Channel 4.

Episode 1: Wednesday Feb. 9 at 10pm
In a first episode dripping with luxury properties we meet under pressure agent Sophie, whose recent bum lift surgery hasn’t helped her results. Boss Tyron warns her about her performance, while adding to her troubles is a battle with rival agent Alex. They compete to sell a £5 million family home in Surrey, decked out with private cinema and pool, and an outrageous £7 million 8,000 sq ft warehouse conversion in South London. Will Sophie beat Alex to make the sale that could save her career?  Tyron shakes up the team with glamorous new girl Erin. Fresh from a career in musical theatre she’s not shy in coming forward, but can Erin back up her big talk? Partnered with Chloe, who is the top selling female agent at just 19 years old, Erin is put on the spot at her first ever viewing of an LA style £3 million swanky Sandbanks property on the South Coast. The reality of being a Tyron Ash Real Estate Agent starts to sink in as Erin goes cold-calling at Surrey mansions in the rain to try and win listings. The luxury property game isn’t as easy as she thought. Meanwhile the battle between Alex and Sophie reaches boiling point. Alex is convinced Sophie stitched him up over a property deal, while Sophie thinks Alex has an attitude problem. Sparks fly as these two headstrong characters meet in a showdown and say what they really think of each other. 

Episode 2: Wednesday Feb. 16 at 10pm 
The Tyron Ash Quarterly Awards are coming! The best agents are lauded for their performance and the worst are outed on the ‘Cowboy List’. Competition is fierce as the race for top spot heats up between Alex and Quas. Struggling Sophie is heading for a public shaming, while new girl Erin starts to make an impact at the agency.  Leading agent Quas is hoping to secure top spot with the sale of a 7-million-pound London penthouse with over £100k commission on the line. He’s already banked 60 grand in the last two months but as Quas takes us back to where he grew up in East London, it’s clear his background is nothing like the glitzy world of high-end property. Main rival Alex is in Northampton days away from exchanging on a stunning family home with gym, billiard room and outsized bar. With his long hair, silver jewellery and tattoos Alex is far from your typical agent, but full of confident swagger, he has his eyes firmly set on beating Quas. Sophie has a magnificent Surrey mansion on her books and a sale would save her at the awards, but can she persuade a buyer to fork out the £5 million price tag. As last-minute news comes in from the agents the picture shifts with days to go before the ceremony. Who will triumph, Alex or Quas, and can Sophie avoid the Cowboy List? 

Episode 3: Wednesday Feb. 23 at 10pm 
Brett has been with Tyron Ash since the agency was set up 18 months ago, pocketing a cool £180,000 in commission, but now has to face the hardest decision in his professional and personal life. Tyron wants a slice of the lucrative property market in Cheshire and asks Brett to relocate to Manchester to head up the operation. It would be a huge upheaval, not only for Brett, but also for partner Connie, who is dead against the move. Can Brett persuade her with a trial trip up North? Sophie’s situation is more precarious than ever. With no new listings or sales in nearly 3 months she’s at her lowest point since starting with the agency 8 months ago. What’s more the battle with Alex is increasingly bitter, and her prospects at Tyron Ash are looking bleak. In a move no one saw coming Alex has a crazy idea to recruit Sophie onto his team. He can see Sophie’s potential, but will she agree to work with her old rival. 
We also follow new agent Andrew, from the Philippines, as he starts to make an impact in the company. In his sights is a 4-million-pound Wimbledon house, but while it looks impressive from the outside the inside is empty and unappealing. In a trick of the luxury real estate trade Andrew brings in a staging expert to transform the interior, but can he sell the house ahead of rival agencies, and make the 20 grand commission that will help him support his family in the Philippines. 

Wheeling and dealing in 'Mega Mansion Hunters' episode one.

Wheeling and dealing in 'Mega Mansion Hunters' episode one. (Image credit: Channel 4)

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