Million Pound Barges: Luxury Living — start date, premise and everything you need to know

Million Pound Barges.
Million Pound Barges. (Image credit: C5)

Million Pound Barges is coming to Channel 5 soon, and it's the latest instalment in the broadcaster's Million Pound series. It comes after they released Million Pound Motorhomes, which gave viewers a glimpse at motoring racing star Jacques Villeneuve's £4,000 a night home called The Icon, and a couple who wanted their own overlander built.

This time, we're swapping the motorhomes for houseboats, and we'll get a look at a whopping £2.5million barge which sits in one of the UK's most expensive locations.

Here's everything you need to know...

When is Million Pound Barges on Channel 5?

Million Pound Barges airs on Channel 5 on Sunday at 8pm. It will be available to watch on catch up later via My5, and you can also find Million Pound Motorhomes there too.

Sister show Million Pound Motorhomes saw us getting to take a look inside some of Britain's most impressive motorhomes, including a couple who have a passion for travel and want an offroad vehicle that can handle any terrain.

What kind of things will we see in Million Pound Barges?

Million Pound Barges follows people who invest serious cash in the ultimate floating holiday home or permanent place of residence. We'll meet ex-city trader Rob, who left his stressful job, and decided to step away and pursue a new life. He's spent £500,000 on barge renovations and hopes to sell it for profit. We imagine it's amazing!

Yes, in fact, you can find a lot of these barges in London alone. There's one at St Katharine's Docks which went on the market for £3.5million last year, and tourists can opt to stay in a luxury barge if they fancy something different to a regular hotel room.