Alan Carr's Picture Slam: release date, how it works, trailer and all about the new picture-based game show

Alan Carr's Picture Slam is a fun BBC1 quiz with a twist.
Alan Carr's Picture Slam is a dun BBC1 quiz with a twist. (Image credit: BBC)

Alan Carr's Picture Slam on BBC1 gives a new format for a quiz show. Alan Carr is no stranger to quiz shows, having fronted Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow for two years, but from now on Saturday nights on BBC1 will never be the same as he’s all set to host new series Picture Slam. The RuPaul’s Drag Race judge will take the helm of the new picture-based competition where contestants will have to ‘know their Buckingham Palace from their Crystal Palace and their Victoria Beckham from their Victoria Sponge’. And if they succeed in the fast-paced game, they can take home a jackpot worth up to £10,000. 

“Who doesn’t love a good quiz” says Alan? “When I found out the BBC wanted little old me to present Picture Slam I jumped at the chance! I don’t know if I would be any good at the quiz, but luckily I don’t have to play it!” 

Here’s everything you need to know about Alan Carr's Picture Slam on BBC1…

Contestants can win a jackpot worth up to £10,000.

Contestants can win a jackpot worth up to £10,000. (Image credit: BBC)

Alan Carr's Picture Slam release date

Alan Carr's Picture Slam launches on BBC1 on Saturday September 16 at 5.50pm and the eight-part series runs weekly on Saturdays pre-Strictly. Episodes will also become available BBCiPlayer through Autumn 2023. The series will be distributed by All3media international.

Is there a trailer for Alan Carr's Picture Slam?

Yes the BBC has now released its trailer for Alan Carr's Picture Slam. Take a look at all the fun with Alan below...

Alan Carr's Picture Slam — how it works

Picture Slam will see three teams tackle a series of pictures that they must name, with each picture worth cash. The more they can name, the more cash they take home but for the big money, they must name them all to get a ‘picture slam’. Across four rounds, the contestants will be presented with a board full of images to identify against the clock. If they clear a board, they get a ‘picture slam’ and get a cash bonus. But only the team who makes it to the final can keep their banked cash and if they can find all the required pictures, they take home the jackpot. 

Can the contestants reel off the pictures they are presented with.

Can the contestants reel off the pictures they are presented with? (Image credit: BBC)

Alan Carr on what happens in Picture Slam

Alan Carr's Picture Slam is going to be fun!

Alan Carr's Picture Slam is going to be fun! (Image credit: BBC)

How would you describe Alan Carr’s Picture Slam? 
Alan Carr says: "It’s the quiz where every question is a picture and all you have to do is name them. Picture Slam is simple to play yet it can get frustrating when your knowledge is put to the test. From faces, places and brands you see every day to nostalgia you fondly remember - you need to know something about everything. 

How does Alan Carr’s Picture Slam work?
Alan explains: "Each round, contestants face a line-up of pictures, each correct answer banks them cash but to win the big money they need to get them all right - that’s a Picture Slam! The pressure of going against the clock means players give wonderfully strange answers. I love the madcap nature of this show; it’s shout-at-the-TV Saturday night fun!

Are there any funny wrong answers? 
Alan reveals: "When you’re under pressure, the mouth goes into gear before the brain does, so there were some right corkers! This show isn’t just about knowledge and facts, it's also about keeping cool. It was the people who knew a little about a lot, rather than an egghead, that went home with the big cash prize.

How do you think you would fare at this game?
Alan says: "Awful! I am useless under pressure, my mind goes blank and I start sweating everywhere. I would be leaving penniless and smelling of BO!

You filmed the quiz in Glasgow - what was that like?
Alan says: "I’ve been to Glasgow loads of times with my stand-up tours, so I know it pretty well. It was upon the stage at the King’s Theatre that I high-kicked during my act and tore my calf muscle and had to perform with a crutch. It was nice to be back in Glasgow and not be hobbling!

Why do you think viewers will tune in to Picture Slam?
Alan says: "It’s exciting, fun and nostalgic and I think families are going to love it. It’s perfect Saturday viewing. Every subject is covered - Sixties up to the present day, music, flags, brands, cultural icons; you name it, it might well pop up on the screen. It’s one of those quizzes that doesn’t make you feel stupid - anyone can play along!

Behind the scenes and more about Picture Slam

Picture Slam is an eight-part series filmed at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. The show is made by Triple Brew Media, part of All3Media’s Objective Media Group and was commissioned by Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment at the BBC. The Executive Producers are Julie Kelling, Ed De Burgh and Ben Shephard for Triple Brew Media and Toby Stevens for OMG Scotland. Adeel Amini is the Series producer. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Neil McCallum. 

Ed De Burgh and Ben Shephard, Executive Producers for Triple Brew Media say: “We are super excited to bring this format to the BBC, Alan is the perfect fit for a game that will have the whole family shouting at the TV. It’s fun and addictive and appeals to viewers of all ages, who will be able to play along at home every Saturday night.”

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment for the BBC says: “Picture Slam is a fast paced Saturday night play along quiz that requires contestants to be fast thinking and fast acting which results in loads of laugh out loud moments, making the quick-witted Alan Carr our perfect ringmaster!”

More about host Alan Carr 

Alan Carr hosted his chat show Alan Carr: Chatty Man from 2009 to 2017. He also made the reality show Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job with Amanda Holden and is a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Alan is team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and presented Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow and An Audience With Adele. He also hosts BBC1 show Interior Design Masters. An ITV1 comedy drama Changing Ends about Alan Carr's young life as the son of a football manager will be launching later in 2023.

Amanda & Alan's Italian Job: picture shows Amanda Holden and Alan Carr leaning through an open window in their Italian apartment, both wearing boiler suits and hard hats, and smiling

Earlier in 2023, we enjoyed Amanda & Alan's Italian Job as Alan Carr and Amanda Holden renovated a dilapidated house in Sicily.  (Image credit: BBC)
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