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'Second Hand for 50 Grand' — air date and everything you need to know

Second Hand for 50 Grand
Second Hand for 50 Grand sees high end pre-owned items being sold for a fortune. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Second Hand for 50 Grand is the perfect documentary for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Second hand designer goods are tracked down by a team of experts and found the perfect new home - think Bargain Hunt meets Selling Sunset

When is 'Second Hand for 50 Grand' on?

Second Hand for 50 Grand airs on Wednesday 21st April at 10pm on Channel 4. The documentary lasts for one hour. 

You can catch up on Channel 4 streaming site All 4

What is 'Second Hand for 50 Grand' about?

This one-off documentary goes behind the scenes, delving into the world of very high-end second hand goods. 

We are taken inside a company called Xupes, who track down luxury second-hand items, going the extra mile to hunt down the exact handbags, watches and jewellery on their clients' wish-lists and find out the personal stories behind them. 

Their clients range from A-list celebrities and sports stars to everyday people who are looking for designer goods for more sentimental reasons. 

What designer goods are being tracked down?  

The documentary will follow a window cleaner called Grant whose dad wants to buy him a Cartier watch as a thank you for looking after him. Also, Rebecca asks head of handbags Reece to scour the globe for an exact match to a stolen Prada bag gifted by her late mother. Meanwhile, firefighter Hywell has received a watch from his Grandad. If the team can prove that it's genuine, then Hywell's life is about to change for ever. 

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