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'Secrets of the Krays' — everything you need to know about the new BritBox documentary

Secrets of the Krays
Secrets of the Krays explores the lives of criminal twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray. (Image credit: BritBox)

Secrets of the Krays is a brand-new documentary series that promises to give new insight into the lives of two of Britain's most notorious criminals. 

The miniseries is BritBox UK's first factual commission and will paint an in-depth picture of Britain in the 1960s, where Ronnie and Reggie Kray managed to create their criminal empire.

Secrets of the Krays release date on BritBox

You'll be able to watch all three episodes of Secrets of the Krays on BritBox in the UK from May 13, 2021.

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How many episodes of Secrets of the Krays are there?

Secrets of the Krays is three episodes long.

What is Secrets of the Krays about?

Produced exclusively for BritBox by ITN Productions, Secrets of the Krays is concerned entirely with uncovering new details about the Kray twins. The show will examine key moments in the brothers' lives and take a look at how their criminal enterprise overlapped with the British cultural revolution in the 1960s.

BritBox promises revelatory interviews with some of the people who knew the Kray twins best, including: former gang members, journalists, their lawyers, relatives and family friends as well as celebrity photographer David Bailey and some of the police officers involved in finally bringing them to justice. Some of them, like key gang member Micky Fawcett, have never spoken publicly before.

We'll also get a look at some never-before-seen artefacts from the Krays' private lives such as Reggie Kray's personal photographs and his scrapbook of their crimes, MI5 files on the brothers, unpublished manuscripts from former members of the Firm, a poem Ronnie wrote for his brother, and audio recordings from prison.

Is there a trailer? 

BritBox has now released two clips from the new docu-series. In the first one, Kray Twins expert Ray Rose takes a quick look through Reggie Kray's personal scrapbook. 

Inside, Ray finds Reggie was keeping cuttings from the newspapers which detailed their crimes in and around London. He reads over two cuttings, including one from March 1950. This is a record of a fight outside a dance hall in Hackney, and is the first time the Krays got their names into the papers.

You can watch the full clip below:

The second clip describes one of the Kray twins' many encounters with the celebs of the era. In it, Ray Rose explains how there was a perceived "glamour" to their criminal world, and how some celebrities felt it was a badge of honour to have a picture with the Kray twins.

Then, we hear an example of such an encounter. We learn that the Krays once used their significant influence to bring none other than megastar Judy Garland round to their house in Bethnal Green, London to sing 'Over the Rainbow' for their mother!