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'The Hunt for a Killer' — release date, cast and everything you need to know

The Hunt for a Killer
(Image credit: Banijay Rights / BBC)

The Hunt for a Killer is a chilling, true-crime miniseries from Swedish broadcaster Yellow Bird. It deals with a deeply shocking murder case, and follows the police officers determined to catch the killer 16 years on. 

Here's everything you need to know about The Hunt for a Killer.

The Hunt for a Killer release date

The series was originally broadcast in Sweden in 2020, and is due to transmit in the UK later this summer on BBC Four. We don’t know whether the series will be released in the US just yet. 

The Hunt for a Killer cast 

The show stars Anders Beckman (Midsommar) as Per-Åke Åkesson and Lotten Roos (Wallander) as Monica Olhed, with Magnus Schmitz portraying Ulf Olsson. 

The Hunt for a Killer plot

The Hunt for a Killer revolves around a chilling cold case. In March 1989, a 10-year-old girl called Helen Nilsson was abducted and murdered in Hörby, southern Sweden, shocking the nation. Her case remained unsolved for 16 years, creating a gulf between the community and the police force supposedly entrusted with protecting it.

The miniseries follows police officers Per-Åke Åkesson and Monica Olhed. They lead an investigation team that have already solved multiple murders in southern Sweden in the past. Against all odds, they’re tasked with finally tracking down the person responsible for the child's murder.

Described as "Sweden’s answer to Manhunter" and "guaranteed to get under the skin" by Chris Stewart, SVP of the production company Banijay Rights, The Hunt for a Killer was critically acclaimed by the Swedish press upon its initial release.

How many episodes of The Hunt for a Killer are there? 

There are six episodes of The Hunt for a Killer, and each one is 60 minutes long. 

Is there a trailer?  

You can watch a subtitled trailer from production company Yellow Bird below, and it's extremely tense. It gives us a brief lowdown on the case, as well as introducing us to the local area traumatised by the crime.

The criminal himself confesses to his crime via a public payphone, telling the police to stop pursuing their other suspects. Meanwhile, the two officers are being pushed harder and harder to ensure they crack the case. 

What is clear is The Hunt for a Killer won’t be for the faint-hearted! 

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