'Wild China with Ray Mears' — release date, where he goes, and everything you need to know

Ray Mears on The Great Wall of China.
Ray Mears on The Great Wall of China. (Image credit: Tin Can Island)

Wild China with Ray Mears is a new and exciting seven-part ITV series featuring wilderness expert Ray Mears exploring the stunning and dramatic natural world of China. 

Ray Mears is welcomed back onto our screens, bringing his bushcraft expertise and knowledge once again on this adventure. This is not Ray Mears’ first journey to discovery, as he has previously made many factual TV documentaries exploring the diverse scenery and wildlife in various countries across the globe. Ray's past hits include Wild Britain with Ray Mears, Wild Australia with Ray Mears, and Wild France with Ray Mears.  

Here's everything you need to know about  Wild China with Ray Mears... 

Wild China with Ray Mears release date 

Wild China with Ray Mears will be shown on ITV at 7:30pm on Tuesday 13 July. The series will also be available to stream on the ITV Hub

Where does Ray Mears go in Wild China with Ray Mears?

Ray starts his thrilling adventure in China’s densely populated capital, Beijing, where he offers us an impressive insight into an array of plants and wildlife populating the vast country. He discovers how a huge tree-planting scheme is transforming Beijing into a green metropolis and how the ancient structure of The Great Wall of China is a paradise for flora and fauna. Plus, Ray treks the Himalayas with herbal medicine experts uncovering the secrets of different plants. 

He also pays a visit to the Beijing Raptor Rescue Centre who help injured birds and then release them back into the wild. He also goes to the Nanhaizi Milu Park nature reserve to view the unusual Père David's deer, a species of deer native to China that once went extinct in the wild.

As he continues to explore the country, we get to see the many wonders China has to offer, as Ray comes face to face with an array of amazing wild animals throughout his journey. He memorably journeys with rangers who are rewilding China’s giant pandas.

Is there a trailer?

There’s currently no trailer available, but stay tuned!

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