Casualty star Amanda Mealing: ‘Connie doesn’t take kindly to Sam Nicholls!’

Connie Casualty
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Sam Nicholls doesn’t make a good first impression with Holby ED clinical lead Connie Beauchamp when she returns to Casualty…

What is it with Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) and people named Sam? She's just about accepted that her ex, Sam Strachan, has legged it with her daughter, when another Sam turns up causing trouble! Will it be a case of scalpels at the ready when Sam Nicholls makes it on to Connie's radar?

The long awaited return of Sam Nicholls to Casualty is finally over, when Charlotte Salt makes her first reappearance this Saturday. As suspected Sam fails to be welcomed with open arms. In fact, before she’s finished her shift more than one person is definitely not happy to see her…

“Sam has history at Holby ED, especially with doctor Dylan Keogh, so that’s going to seep out!” revealed Amanda Mealing, who plays Casualty’s tough taskmaster, Connie Beauchamp.

“Sam used to be a junior doctor at Holby but she returns as a paramedic – for reasons that will be explained! On a shout she immediately oversteps her mark and forgets that she’s a paramedic, not a doctor. And of course Connie doesn’t take kindly to someone who oversteps their position!” revealed Amanda

Will things heat up when former lovers Iain and Sam are forced to work together?

Will things heat up when former lovers Iain and Sam are forced to work together? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Connie started working in the ED in 2014, so this is the first time she’s crossed paths with former Casualty regular Sam, who worked there from 2011 until 2013 as a registrar. Sam left Holby after she married fellow doctor Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman) because they wanted to start a new life together. However, before Sam left with Tom, she was previously married to doctor Dylan Keogh (Will Beck) and also had an affair with paramedic Iain Dean. With both Iain (Michael Stevenson) and Dylan still working at Holby things are about to get mighty awkward, very quickly! In fact, Sam swears she’s only staying for one shift, as she wants an immediate transfer…

Amanda added: “Sam and Connie don’t have too much together but it’s lovely working with Charlotte. She plays the character of Sam so well. It’s not easy playing paramedic because you have to come in with those handovers – I don’t know how Charlotte and Michael do them so brilliantly!”

Charlotte Salt returns as a series regular on Casualty, BBC1, Saturday at 8.45pm

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