"I hope I've done Brucie proud", Alan Carr on bringing back 80s game show, The Price Is Right

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Comedian and chat show host, Alan Carr, is at the helm for a re-boot of the classic 80s gameshow, The Price Is Right, and follows in the hosting footsteps of Leslie Crowther and the legendary Sir Bruce Forsyth

With its huge prizes, excitable studio audience and classic catchphrase, "Come On Down!", The Price Is Right made fun-filled family viewing in the 80s and became a hit show all around the world. Now, the game show, which asks contestants to guess the price of items  in a bid to win prizes, is back for another airing, this time on C4, with comedian Alan Carr at the helm.

Here in an exclusive interview with TV Times, the Chatty Man host shares his excitement, (and nerves!), at taking over the role once filled by the legendary Sir Bruce Forsyth and talks exotic prizes, crazy robots, hangover cures and disastrous Christmas presents….

Alan Carr on the return of The Price Is Right...

TV Times: Were you a big fan of the show when it was on in the 80s?

Alan Carr: "A huge fan. I used to watch it with my family on a Saturday night. My nan would be shouting at the screen, trying to guess all the prices."

TVT: How did you feel when you were asked to host the new version?

AC: "So excited! To be honest I was getting a bit jealous. I’d heard David Walliams was doing Blankety Blank, another of my favourites, so when I was asked to do this, it was a no brainer!"

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TVT: Have you changed any of the format?

AC: "No, the same old favourite games are there, The Rocker, The Mountain Climber, the spinning wheel at the end. It’s still very much a family show. I didn’t want it to be sweary or rude like people might expect of me. And I wasn’t drunk when presenting it, which was a lovely touch!"

TVT: Were you nervous about bringing it back?

AC: "I was nervous when we filmed it in Manchester. I thought, will the studio audience remember it? Will they have the same affection and nostalgia for it as I did? But as soon as we opened the studio doors it was wonderful. People were going crazy, everyone was rooting for the contestants. We didn’t need a warm-up man!"

TVT: What prizes are up for grabs?

AC: "Amazing prizes. I'm sticking my neck out here but I think they're the best on TV - cars, fantastic holidays, robot cleaners, apple watches, hot tubs! I was praying the lady who was in line to win a hot tub didn’t live in a flat! Remember  the game show, Bullseye? People who lived in the middle of a city would suddenly find themselves lumbered with a speed boat!"

TVT: Any you fancied winning yourself?

AC: "The robot cleaner although someone told me if your dog does a poo when you’re out, the robot cleaner spends the day pushing it from corner to corner so when you go get home from a hard day’s work, you’re greeted with a union jack motif in poo across your kitchen floor! Not great. Also there’s that worry about robots taking over the world. I might come home one day and my robot cleaner would be there waiting to attack me!"

TVT: Did you ever meet Sir Bruce who made the show so popular?

AC: "Yes, he was my first ever guest on my show Chatty Man. I was so nervous about meeting the King of Entertainment. I went to his house, he had two massive gates outside with F for Forsyth on them. He was absolutely lovely. The day after filming he left a message on my phone. I didn’t pick up because I thought it was one of those PPI calls. But it was Brucie saying he thought Chatty Man would do well and wishing me luck. That’s the kind of man he was. I kept it on my mobile for ages and I’d have loved him to have seen the new Price Is Right. Hopefully I’ve done him proud."

TVT: Will you be assisting with the catering?

AC: "My mum is quite militant and doesn’t like me helping out but she’ll play the martyr a bit, “Oh, don’t you worry about me”, and then when you try to help she’ll go, “PUT THAT DOWN!”. After we’ve eaten she’ll have Bailey’s watch a James Bond and we’ll all do the washing up."

TVT: What’s your favourite Xmas food and tipple?

AC: "Mulled wine and mince pies. Believe it or not I can resist a lot of food but I can’t resist a mince pie. And mulled wine... I love the smell. But you don’t want to overdo it or you might get those red wine lips like that clown in the film It, and black teeth too. Never a good look especially when you’re bringing out the mistletoe."

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TVT: What’s your best hangover cure?

AC: "It’s an oldie but it’s a goldie. Hair of the dog, a Bloody Mary with plenty of Tabasco. Someone told me you have to kick-start your liver to get rid of the toxins by drinking more booze!   Oliver Reed I think it was. I’m joking!"

TVT: What are you like at buying presents?

AC: "Not very good! I said to my other half don’t get me any presents and I won’t get you any because it’s such hassle having to return everything. I once got him a Gucci anorak and he said, 'Alan, an anorak’s an anorak even if it’s designer and cost a fortune,'. He’s rubbish at buying presents too. He got me a pair of yellow pixie boots that are still in the cupboard with the sticker on. When am I going to wear yellow pixie boots!"

TVT: You’re also hosting a Christmas special of Chatty Man and Alan Carr’s NYE spectacular. What have you got lined up?

AC: "We’ve got lots of lovely celebs coming on the shows and sketches too. In one we do a spoof of Wonder Woman called Blunder Woman about Theresa May where I got to run through a field of corn just off the M4 in a cape. I had a lot of lorry drivers honking at me that day! We’re also doing a Love Island sketch where I’m Gemma Collins wearing a sheer swimming costume. It’s not exactly Downtown Abbey but it’s always a giggle!"

The Price Is Right, Saturday Dec 30, C4, 8pm

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