Coronation Street’s Hayley Tamaddon: ‘Pregnant Andrea thinks she's lost Lloyd to Liz’

Andrea’s in shock when she discovers she’s pregnant, Coronation Street (opens in new tab)’s Hayley Tamaddon reveals to Soaplife. Now what’s she going to do?

Andrea moves in with Eileen and Michael and brings some big news with her: she’s pregnant. How’s that going to work for her now?

“Andrea’s very confused, shocked and because of everything that’s happened with Lloyd, she feels incredibly alone, not to mention heartbroken because he’s now seeing Liz,’ Hayley (opens in new tab) tells Soaplife.

Did Andrea plan on getting pregnant?

“It was not on her radar at all. She was just so happy being with Lloyd [Craig Charles (opens in new tab)]. I do think she really wanted to marry him, though. She loves him so much and thought they'd be together forever. She’s so upset with herself over how things ended and the stupid mistake she made.”

But she’ll tell Lloyd about the baby?

“She sees him with Liz [Beverley Callard (opens in new tab)] and thinks, ‘They look happy - maybe I shouldn't tell him’. Liz is another obstacle and Andrea worries how Lloyd will react now he seems to be with her.”

How come Andrea tells Michael and Eileen she’s pregnant?

“She’s forced into it when Michael [Les Dennis (opens in new tab)] finds the pregnancy test she’s done and thinks it’s Eileen [Sue Cleaver (opens in new tab)] who’s pregnant! But then he is very sweet to Andrea and tries his best to help. He’s a very good person to talk to; he’s a good listener.” 

Does she think Lloyd would make a good dad?

“Andrea knows Lloyd would make a great dad, that’s not the issue. He was amazing with his daughter Jenna and she knows that together they would make great parents. She's just got to convince him to take her back.”

Does Andrea think the baby could reunite her and Lloyd?

“Not really - I think she thinks she's lost Lloyd to Liz. But she doesn't give up hope – and when she eventually talks to Lloyd there are a lot of tears!”

Coronation Street (opens in new tab), ITV.