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Coronation Street star Charlie Lawson: Jim McDonald has made a 'MISTAKE' in his revenge plan with con artist Hannah

Coronation Street spoilers: Jim McDonald has a shock in store for Liz

Charlie Lawson insists Jim McDonald isn't a bad man despite his wicked scheme

Coronation Street legend Charlie Lawson has revealed that Jim McDonald is already regretting the revenge plan he’s carrying out on his family with conniving Hannah.

But Charlie says Jim is in “too deep” as he claimed to ex-wife Liz that Hannah was actually Katie, the baby daughter they thought had died more than 26 years ago.

Speaking to the Press Association, Charlie said: “I don’t think he is the instigator of the idea and now he’s in it up to his neck. As soon as he sees Elizabeth, he realises he’s made a mistake and he wants her back but he is in too deep.

“But Jim makes mistakes like everyone does, he is not a bad man.

“He doesn’t want what Hannah wants. He was in prison and he felt abandoned and there she turns up and takes care of him but it becomes apparent pretty quick that she is the driver of this plan.

“She’s traced him through his army records and obviously she’s had a plan going on in her head. It’s clearly a spooky relationship.”

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However, while Liz falls for the scam, son Steve McDonald isn’t at all convinced...

Charlie went on to says that he’d like Jim, Liz and Steve to one day play happy families again.

“It never went away for him and neither has it for Liz but it would be a pretty boring story if they just kissed and made up.

“But I hope in the future it could be Jim, Liz and Steve together, that would be in an ideal world.

“Anyone in the real world knows that when you love someone and it’s genuine you tend not to fall out of love no matter what happens so yes he does (still have feelings for Liz) and long may that continue.”

Charlie added that his Coronation Street return was a “bit like riding a bike” and said he liked his dressing room pal…

“I get to share a dressing room with Simon Gregson (who plays Steve) so that’s good.”

Coronation Street, featuring Charlie Lawson as Jim McDonald, continues on ITV.