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Coronation Street video: see Tracy confess that she started the fire that killed Kal and Maddie

Coronation Street reveals how Tracy finally confesses that she’s the fire starter, not Carla… And she does it in an emotional confrontation with Robert (Tristan Gemmill).

We know Tracy will also confess to Carla (Alison King) and that it will lead to a dramatic showdown.

But before that happens, Tracy faces a showdown with the man she loves.

Will Robert still want her when she’s told him the awful truth?

And why does she do it?

“Tracy’s mourning the loss of Deirdre,” explains Kate Ford, who plays Tracy. "For once she knows what it feels like to be in emotional pain… It’s haunting her and it’s haunting her to see Carla suffering.

“Tracy gets more distressed by Carla’s distress and Robert notices Tracy’s discomfort.

“There’s a big showdown between Robert and Tracy and, eventually, the truth comes out.”

You can watch that showdown here.

Coronation Street continues on ITV on Monday, August 31, 7.30pm.