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Coronation Street’s Sally Ann Matthews reveals the Rovers Return is set to become a gastropub

In Coronation Street Johnny and Jenny admire their names over the door

New Rovers landlady Jenny wants to take the pub "upmarket", says Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews

It’s enough to make the regulars in the Rovers spill their pint – yes, the legendary Coronation Street boozer could be about to turn into the type of place where there’s 12 different types of gin on the menu, warns Sally Ann Matthews.

The Coronation Street star says that her character, Jenny Connor, wants to take the Rovers “upmarket” and could well get her own way...

Speaking to Richard Arnold on Good Morning Britain, Sally, 47, said: “Jenny loves a mood board, she wants it to be upmarket and fancy schmancy and she might just get her way."

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She added that Jenny wasn’t keen on taking over the Rovers and working in a “poxy backstreet boozer”, but has got onboard because of her love for hubby Johnny.

“It’s not what she’s had in mind for herself, but she recognises that Johnny needs this to take his mind off Aidan and her heart belongs to Johnny Connor, so she will do whatever makes him happy.”

Sally also revealed that it was a "big shock" when she found out Jenny would be the new landlady.

So, it will be interesting to see what the Rovers looks like when Jenny and Johnny reveal the pub’s new look soon… will there be a revolt from the regulars?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.