'David does a runner with the kids,' reveals Corrie's Jack P Shepherd

(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Corrie's Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife that David is so desperate he'll lose his custody battle with Callum he takes off with Max and Lily…

David finds out Sarah’s with Callum… how does he catch them together?

"He's been suspicious for a while but then he sees Callum [Sean Ward] go into the Platts when Sarah’s at home on her own. David leaves it a few minutes then goes home himself. He tells Sarah [Tina O'Brien] he knows Callum's upstairs and then Callum comes down all arrogant. David throws him out but Callum's cocky attitude sends David into a panic."

Does he feel Sarah's betrayed him?

"Yeah but it doesn't really surprise him. Nothing surprises him when it comes to Sarah."

Doesn’t David realise he’s jeopardising his changes of keeping Max by kidnapping him?

"Now it’s going to court, David doesn’t feel he’ll have a leg to stand on against Max’s biological dad and the fact that Kylie’s not around. He feels he doesn’t have much to lose. But he’s not thinking straight - doing a runner with Max is the worse thing he could have done. If he's caught, he may never be allowed to see Max again."

What's his plan?

"He thinks he'll set up shop abroad. He packs his hairdressing scissors, all their passports and just goes. It’s very spur of the moment and he hasn’t thought it through properly at all so he ends up in Liverpool trying to get a flight out of the country."

Does Callum find out what's happened?

"Unbeknown to David, Callum gave Max a mobile phone and Max calls Callum while they're in Liverpool. He tells Callum he doesn’t want to be with David. Callum is absolutely furious, He vows to finish David once and for all unless David brings Max back…"

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