Meet the Street's new lad... Tom Kerrigan

Meet the Street's new lad... Tom Kerrigan
Meet the Street's new lad... Tom Kerrigan

Coronation Street's got a history of loveable rogues - and Liam Connor's cousin Tom is the latest of a long line. Actor Philip McGinley talks about his character You play Tom Kerrigan... What brings him to the Street?

"His cousin Liam. Tom works in IT and they're discussing business ventures now Liam's out of the factory." We've already seen Tom though, haven't we?

"He was at Liam's stag do where he was basically a drunkard and master of the rebels and he was at the wedding too. He's rather partial to booze up." Is he close to Liam and the rest of the family?

"He and Liam are like brothers. Their mums are sisters. Tom has always been around, it's just that viewers haven't seen him. He gets on well with Michelle and with Carla, too." Has Tom got a wife or a girlfriend?

"As far as I know he hasn't. He has got an eye for the ladies, though, and I like to think he'll be breaking a few hearts." What TV have you done before?

"I've been in The Bill, Casualty, Blue Murder, Heartbeat... lots of one-off TV appearances basically, but nothing regular. This is a first for me." How did you feel when you were offered the part of Tom?

"I have to pinch myself that I'm here. It's so weird going into the green room and seeing people I've watched on TV since I was a kid." Who's looking after you?

"Antony Cotton and Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus, have mutual friends in common with me and I also get on really well with Rob James-Collier who plays Liam. Everybody has been really welcoming though." What's in store for Tom?

"I think that Liam and Tom are going to be doing a lot of ladding about. I think there will be some romance and some trouble." When Rob leaves, will you be taking the 'sexiest male' crown?

"I don't think so!"

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