SPOILER ALERT: Corrie shock confession from Sarah! But what does she say?

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

A massive week of Coronation Street starts tonight with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) out to ruin Carla and Nick’s wedding and continues nightly, ending on Thursday with David and Kylie getting a visit from the police. Has Sarah (Tina O’Brien) finally cracked?

Corrie fans are expecting Carla’s wedding to provide the fireworks this week, when she joins Nick (Ben Price) at the altar and says, “I have to tell you something”, instead of “I do”.

But the big explosion comes after that, when Callum Logan’s rotting body is finally found under the floor of Gail’s (Helen Worth) granny flat.

We’re not going to give away how that shocking discovery is made – but you won’t want to miss it.

David (Jack P Shepherd) and Kylie (Paula Lane) will be running scared – but Sarah is frozen with fear.

She is such a mess that Todd (Bruno Langley) gets very worried about her and sits her down for a talk, gently asking what exactly happened on that fateful night.

Then Sarah leans close and whispers her confession in his ear.

Todd is horrified by what Sarah has told him. But what will he do with what he knows?

Not long now until we find out!

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Sunday, May 22, 9.00pm and runs nightly at 9.00pm up to and including Thursday, May 26.