Corrie spoiler: Romance reignited for Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald?

Could romance be back on the cards for former couple Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald? The writers at Corrie have been dropping a few hints...

It seems like a lifetime ago since Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald were a couple.

The pair have shared a rocky past after growing up on the same street and eventually having a child together, and trouble-maker Tracy has consistently tried to muddle in Steve's love life.

But with both of them now single, could romance be back on the cards for Steve and Tracy?

During last night's episode, Corrie hinted that sparks could be flying between the two.

After Steve's disastrous date with Moira, Steve and Tracy appeared to share some lingering looks.

This comes after Tracy failed to deny Mary Taylor's claims that she still had feelings for the father of her daughter.

But the pair's relationship comes with a lot of history. More than ten ago, Tracy used her daughter Amy to split Steve up from his wife Karen (Suranne Jones) - resulting in them divorcing.

Then, in 2011, she tried to win Steve back by breaking him up with wife Becky. After lying about Becky pushing her down some stairs and claiming she had caused her miscarriage, Steve and Tracy married. However, when the truth was exposed, the couple divorced just a year later.

Are they finally about to put all the animosity behind them and reignite their romance?