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Tracy Barlow takes this DESPERATE measure to stop 'smug' Tyler in Coronation Street

Tracy is determined to wipe the smug look off Tyler's face in Coronation Street next week

Tracy Barlow is so desperate to keep dodgy Tyler away from her teenage daughter Amy that she reports him to the police for sexual assault with a minor in Coronation Street next week!

Steve and Tracy had planned to adopt Amy’s daughter and bring the child up as their own, but that idea has been scuppered by Vicky, Tyler’s mum, who’s been sticking her nose in.

Tracy Barlow offers Tyler £5000 to have nothing more to do with Amy.

Tracy is determined not to let Tyler ruin Amy's life in Coronation Street and offers Tyler a massive bribe to flee. But Tyler refuses to budge... Tracy, though, has a trump card she can play.

Meanwhile, Tyler has landed a job as a pot-washer at the Bistro, much to Tracy’s annoyance. The angry florist pleads with Robert to sack him, but when Robert refuses, Tracy tries to bribe Tyler to clear off with a shed load of cash!

“Tracy feels that Tyler took advantage of Amy,” reveals Kate Ford, who plays Tracy. “Him working at the Bistro is the final straw. In desperation, Tracy offers him £5,000 to stay away from Amy and the baby.”

When that doesn’t work, Tracy has something else up her sleeve… she reports Tyler to the police for having underage sex with Amy!

“Steve’s keen to listen to Amy and play the long game with Tyler, but Tracy’s had enough,” says Kate. “Tyler’s smug attitude really pushes her buttons.”

The police soon call round and Amy is absolutely furious with Tracy for reporting Tyler. She can’t believe she’s now being questioned by the police and heads off to see Bethany.

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Amy Barlow flee when the police come calling?

The police ask Amy Barlow for a statement in Coronation Street next week. She's really angry and turns to Bethany for help

What will Bethany advise Amy to do? Is Amy about to come up with another plan?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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