Is it the end for Gary and Izzy in Corrie?

It finally seems the couple's relationship is beyond repair after Gary Windass makes a shock admission

For weeks now, Izzy Armstrong has been trying to convince herself she still has a future with Gary Windass in Corrie, ignoring the fact it's been a long time since the pair appeared actually to be enjoying each other's company.

So when Gary makes it clear he's only prepared to stay with her for the sake of their son Jake, she's naturally devastated – and left with a difficult decision to make…


Gary and Izzy are forced to confront their issues following a fractious night in The Rovers

In the pub, the pair fall out when Izzy wants to head home early and it's clear Gary intends to stay on

Relieved to have an excuse not to go home, Gary agrees to take part in a darts match

His decision leaves Izzy fuming!

Later, Izzy is delighted when Gary agrees to the idea of going on a holiday, only to discover he had in mind a family trip with Jake, rather than a romantic break



As the pair argue, Gary dashes Izzy's hopes of being a couple, suggesting they live together as 'friends' for Jake's sake. Will a shattered Izzy agree? Watch Corrie on ITV from Monday, August 15