The 32GB Apple TV 4K is down to just $149 at Amazon and Walmart

Apple TV 4K
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Apple TV 4K — which is still our No. 1 overall streaming device in 2021 — has found itself with a great price on Amazon. You can snag the 32-gigabyte Apple TV 4K for just $149.

That's an excellent deal, though there are a couple caveats. First is that Apple TV 4K is a product from 2017. That's not to say it isn't as good now as it was when it was released — because it is. It's has access to just about every streaming app you could ever want, and it can even play games via Apple Arcade. And if you're into the Apple ecosystem, it also can serve as a Homekit hub, as well as a way to use AirPlay to beam your phone or Mac screen onto your TV.

And that caveat leads to this: We're very much expecting a new Apple TV device any time now. We don't know exactly when it will drop — it could be tomorrow, it could be in six months or more. But there is one coming, eventually.

And there's also the fact that Apple TV 4K has what's universally regarded to be the worst remote control since the time you thought it'd be a good idea to pay your neighbor Billy to get up off the couch and change the channel by hand. (It seemed like a good idea at the time.) Instead, we highly recommend picking up a Logitech Harmony Companion

That all just makes this $149 price point that much more appealing, though. 

Apple TV 4K also has all the specs you'd want in a streaming device. As the name implies, it supports 4K resolution. It also supports Dolby Vision for HRD, and Dolby Atmos for audio. (You'll need a TV and sound system that support those features, of course.) And it has software that's updated regularly, so you can be sure that you have the latest features and security improvements.

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