Danniella Westbrook tooks cocaine while in labour

Danniella Westbrook tooks cocaine while in labour
Danniella Westbrook tooks cocaine while in labour (Image credit: UK Press/Press Association Image)

Danniella Westbrook has told how she did a line of cocaine while she was in labour during her dark days as a drug addict. The ex-EastEnders star, 39, who famously destroyed the septum in her nose because of her years of addiction, admitted on ITV1's Jeremy Kyle show to taking five grams of cocaine a day while pregnant with her first baby. Danniella, who played Sam Mitchell in the BBC One soap, said that 'whilst in labour I asked people to leave the room' so she could take a line, confessing, 'I was in a terrible state'. The tearful actress, who has been drug free for 12 years, also took a line of cocaine 10 minutes after giving birth. She said she remained an addict after Kai's birth, saying: "I had a cocaine convulsion and my three-year-old son was trying to put a Mars Bar in my mouth, trying to make me come round because he was the only person in my house... I was completely mentally insane." The mother of two, whose daughter is 11 and son, 15, said: "I'm very honest with my kids. My son's seen what drugs have done to me and always says he'll never take drugs." Former Dancing On Ice contestant Danniella told how her EastEnders co-stars Mike Reid, June Brown and Barbara Windsor tried to help her and that soap bosses had to film her from a certain angle so the damage to her nose wasn't seen. She said: "I collapsed on set and stopped breathing. I fell from the top to the bottom of the stairs in the Vic. Ross Kemp said she's ill and needs an ambulance... he picked me up and took me off. "I feel like I let people down... When you're given an opportunity like that and you abuse it really badly it's wrong. I can't watch it now. I look like I'm dead, like a skeleton."

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