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Dot Branning reunited with Charlie Cotton as he returns to EastEnders

Dot Branning Charlie Cotton

Dot Branning will be reunited with grandson Charlie Cotton as he returns to EastEnders, but Jack wants to know what his intentions are - is he ready to step up as a father?

EastEnders’ Dot Branning will be reunited with her grandson Charlie Cotton following his shock return to Walford.

Charlie (Declan Bennett) will enjoy a catch-up with Dot (June Brown) in Monday night’s episode as Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) struggles to understand what his intentions are.

Dot Branning Charlie Cotton

Max instigated Charlie's comeback after speaking to Dot about how Jack is struggling to look after three children following Ronnie's death.

Despite Glenda Mitchell pleading for Dot not to contact Charlie, he is returning to Walford ready to take his son back from Jack.

Ronnie Mitchell fell pregnant with Charlie's baby after a one night stand. The pair eventually fell in love and later got married, but there was a dramatic twist of events when Ronnie was hit by a car. She delivered baby Matthew but spent months in a coma.

While Ronnie lay in a hospital bed, Charlie and Roxy started an affair. When Ronnie eventually woke up from her coma she discovered the truth about her husband and sister, and the couple went through an explosive break-up.

Charlie's last on-screen appearance was back in 2015, when viewers were left thinking Charlie had died after being forced out of the square by hard-man Vincent Hubbard - but it was later revealed that he was still alive alive.

Following Roxy and Ronnie's dramatic death at New Year it fell on Jack to look after his two children as well as Matthew. Grief has certainly been taking its toll on Jack, and his ability to look after the children is being questioned.

Max has used this as a way to get Charlie back on the scene and to cause Jack even more misery. How will Charlie and Jack's discussion about Matthew go down?

Friday night’s episode saw Charlie reunited with his son Matthew.

Confronting Jack he said: “Think it’s time we had a chat about my son, don’t you?”

One thing's for sure, Jack won't appreciate what Max has done. Will Max achieve what he has set out to do and destroy his brother's life?

The episode airs on Monday at 8pm.