EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt: 'Ian Beale might be going to jail next week!'

It's less than a week until the special live episode of EastEnders, in which Lucy Beale's killer will be revealed - but the EastEnders cast say they still have no idea who commited the crime!

"The script is censored, I haven't a clue," said Adam Woodyatt, who plays Lucy's father Ian Beale. "I just know enough for my part! If I forget my lines we’ve got a plan. We’re going to tell Ben Hardy to take off his top. He took it off in a recent episode and it seemed quite popular!"

When asked if he had considered his future on the show, Adam responded: "I might be going to jail next week!"

Adam and some of his fellow cast members past and present will be appearing in a special EastEnders themed edition of The Graham Norton Show.

Hetti Bywater, who plays Lucy Beale, who is part of Graham's audience, explained that even she has no idea who killed her character.

“No, I swear I don't know, I have no idea.  When I was killed off I didn't even realise I was coming back for some flashback scenes and I'd had a fringe cut into my hair."

Shane Ritchie also has no idea what will happen on Thursday night but explained that his character, Alfie Moon, was originally brought in as a love interest for Peggy Mitchell!

"It’s been 12 years now but Alfie and Kat got together by accident – it was never meant to happen.  When I started the show I heard a rumour that I was brought in as a love interest for Peggy, they were going to do this 'Cougar' story, but then they saw the chemistry between Jessie and me and the writers said: 'Let's make this a slow burner.'"

Pam St Clement, who played Pat Butcher on the soap for over 20 years also joined Graham on the couch and said she has missed the show since leaving in 2012...

"I miss it like hell.  Of course I do.  I know it's over done, but it really is like a family, you get to work so closely with people.  You get to know them so well, you love some and not love some others but it's great, it’s like home."

Asked if she has an opinion on who killed Lucy she said: "I've been looking at the thing and wondering who wants a break from the show, I'm very devious and look at it from a management point of view. I actually think it might be a case of manslaughter and not murder. The idea of suicide is a silly one, but I'm ready to stand corrected." 

The Graham Norton Show EastEnders Special, BBC One and BBC One HD, Monday 16th February at 10.45pm and Tuesday 17th BBC Three at 9pm.


Sean Marland

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