EastEnders most SHOCKING Christmas moments - Tiffany's death to Little Mo whacking Trevor!

shocking - The biggest shocks ever at Christmas in EastEnders! Tiffany killed

As EastEnders prepares for a massive Christmas, we look back at the most shocking moments in the show's festive history....

We reveal the most SHOCKING festive moments ever in EastEnders...

Tiffany Mitchell’s death

Tiff crash

New Years Eve saw Martine McCutcheon’s character sadly meet her fate, after she was tragically run over by Frank Butcher.

Nana Moon’s death

Nana moon death

Hearts broke up and down the country when Alfie Moon’s beloved Nana passed away in her sleep. It still brings a tear to our eyes!

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Ronnie Mitchell switches over the baby

EastEnders Ronnie switches baby

In one of the most controversial storylines, viewers were left aghast as Ronnie switched her son - who had died from cot death - with Kat and Alfie Moon’s newborn son.

Archie Mitchell murdered

Archie Mitchell murdered

The Square’s Mr Nasty met his end when he was hit over the head by the Queen Vic statue – which went on to be one of the best ‘Who done it?’ storylines.

Stacey Slater and Max Branning’s affair revealed

10 Years ago in the soaps - Max Branning, EastEnders

It’s safe to say the nation watched this one through gritted teeth, as the Branning family saw Stacey and Max’s affair unfold on their TV. Awkward!

Little Mo hits Trevor Morgan with the iron

Little Mo iron

Little Mo finally found the courage to confront her abusive husband Trevor - although she may have taken it a little too far.

Pauline Fowler’s death

Pauline Fowler death

Viewers saw Pauline die from a brain haemorrhage after a blow to head, and after 22 years on our screens, it’s safe to say we grabbed the tissues.

Den gives Angie Watts divorce papers


Den Angie divorce

Angie gets her comeuppance after lying about having a terminal illness. Revenge is sweet, eh.

Jamie Mitchell dies

EastEnders Jamie dies

Jamie and Sonia finally reunited after what felt like forever of ‘will they, won’t they.’ But sadly it wasn’t meant to be as Jamie died in hospital, after Martin Fowler accidentally run him over.

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