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EastEnders spoilers: Haunted Mick Carter flies into a rage tonight against this character

EastEnders Mick Carter
(Image credit: BBC / Dan Golsmith)

Mick flies off the handle

Mick Carter loses the plot tonight in EastEnders when he completely overreacts to a child kicking a football through a Queen Vic window!

Mick hasn’t been himself since he got out of jail and the horrendous experience is clearly distorting his judgement.

The incident all starts this evening when Karen (played by Lorraine Stanley) needs her bathroom fixing and she asks Mitch (Roger Griffiths) to sort it out.

When he arrives at the Taylors, he leaves a girl, Bailey, waiting in his van. Drug addict Craig then tries to force his way into the van only to a shock when Bailey gives him a whack!

Mitch then decides to give Bailey a football to keep her entertained but this backfires when Bailey manages to thump the ball through one of The Queen Vic’s windows!

EastEnders Mick Carter and Bailey

Mick Carter overreacts when Bailey kicks a ball through the Queen Vic window

A fuming Mick (Danny Dyer) then completely overreacts at the situation, shouting at Bailey. Mitch has to step in to calm everything down and promptly claims that Bailey is his mate’s daughter. Is he lying?

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It’s all building up to next week’s dramatic scenes when Linda (Kellie Bright) discovers Mick in a terrible state. Linda can’t understand what’s up with him and demands to know why he’s been behaving so strangely.

Mick then finally confesses his true feelings to Linda. He talks openly for the first time about his terrible ordeal in prison.

EastEnders Mick Carter and Linda Carter

Mick at last talks to Linda about why he has been behaving so oddly

Realising that Mick clearly needs something to take his mind off everything, Linda then agrees to let Mick coach the football team with Mitch. But, will Mick get any professional help over his prison experience?

Meanwhile, Mick’s bitter enemy Stuart is still holed up at Dot’s place...

EastEnders continues on BBC1 at 7.30pm.