EastEnders: Syed Masood arrives!

EastEnders: Syed Masood arrives!
EastEnders: Syed Masood arrives! (Image credit: BBC)

Syed Masood is back and EastEnders' actor Mark Elliott reveals what he's after now. Zainab arranges a secret meeting with her son Syed. How long has he been in exile? "Four years and in that time he's only had contact with Tamwar and his mum." Why has he stayed away for so long? "Masood told him to go and never come back. He almost bankrupted his parents by stealing their money for a disastrous business deal." And that's why Zainab isn't telling Masood about their secret phone calls? "Absolutely. But Masood thinks he's upset her because she's acting so strangely." Why did Syed steal his parents' cash? "He believed he would make a lot of money. He thinks his business skills are better than they are and he wanted to impress his family." Is money one of the reasons he's back? "He's after money, but he wants to see his family again. He's genuinely missed them. He knows Tamwar and Zainab will be pleased to see him. He isn't so sure about Masood, but he's sure he can win him over." What's Syed been doing? "He's been investing in property and says he's been very successful. His mum's impressed by his apartment and he excites her with an investment opportunity." And she buys into it? "She tells him, 'Leave your father to me.' But Masood's not interested when she tries to talk him into financing the scheme - then he catches on she's been talking to Syed after pressing redial on her mobile." So Masood goes to see Syed! "Yes... and Syed's forced to admit he's renting the flat as he's actually homeless and jobless." How does Masood react to that? "He's incensed when he realises Syed's trying to con more money from his family. But Syed pleads with him for help." And he ends up in the Square! So what sort of character is he? "Syed manipulates people to his own ends. He's charming, confident and reckless." Is he single? "No. He has a girlfriend who'll be joining him." Does he fancy anyone in Walford? "He gets close to Janine. They flirt together." Janine! How will Zainab feel about that? "She's not happy. She does a lot of meddling." Are you anything like Syed? "I am a bit older, he's 24 and I'm 29, and I am not as reckless. I don't like taking risks." Get all the latest soap gossip delivered straight to your door. Subscribe to Soaplife magazine today Click here to watch whatsontv.co.uk's new weekly soaps video preview, the Soap Scoop

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