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The mystery of Michelle Fowler REVEALED in EastEnders

EastEnders star Jenna Russell says she wasn’t ‘axed’ from her role as Michelle Fowler
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Thursday's two-handed episode of EastEnders featuring Michelle and Sharon promises to reveal why Michelle is back in Walford... and whether or not she'll remain

Walford is set to be rocked by the truth about Michelle Fowler’s return to Albert Square.

Michelle (now played by Jenna Russell) is back in Walford after more than 20 years away, and we know that she has a big secret that she feels she can’t share.

But it looks as if she might be spilling the beans to Sharon (Letitia Dean) in these new pictures from a special episode focused on their friendship on BBC1 on Thursday, January 12.

Michelle in EastEnders

Michelle in EastEnders (BBC/EastEnders)


One sees Michelle huddled on a bench, apparently grappling with her decision to speak, and the other sees her long-time friend offering a sympathetic ear.

But how will Sharon react to the truth?

And will Michelle end up leaving Walford once more?

Michelle and Sharon in EastEnders

Michelle and Sharon in EastEnders (BBC/EastEnders)

Watch EastEnders on BBC1 on Thursday January 12.