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Blue star Lee Ryan set to 'ruffle some feathers' in EastEnders role

Lee Ryan
(Image credit: EMPICS Entertainment)

Lee Ryan has been cast as 'Woody' Woodward in BBC1's EastEnders, a character who will break some hearts according to the soap's boss

Blue singer Lee Ryan is set to join EastEnders for a short stint as a character who will 'ruffle some feathers and obviously break some hearts', according to the soap's boss.

Lee's character is called ‘Woody’ Woodward and he'll arrive during the spring, although any other information is in short supply as EastEnders plans to make a big drama of his arrival.

Lee said: "I am so excited to be part of the show. Woody is the best role I could have wished to play. He’s a brilliant character, and it’s clear he’s been leading a full and colourful life. I can’t wait for people to see what he’s like for themselves. Everyone at EastEnders has been so welcoming. I know some of the cast already so I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

EastEnders' executive producer Sean O’Connor said: "I’m delighted to welcome Lee Ryan to Walford as ‘Woody’ Woodward. Woody is a man who has worked hard and played hard in bars, clubs and pubs around the world and has finally decided to stop wandering and put down some roots. He’s going to ruffle some feathers and obviously break some hearts, so there’s a great deal to look forward to as soon as he bursts onto the square."

He added: "Lee is a perfect casting for Albert Square and we knew straight away we wanted him for the role.”

Lee is the latest of the Blue quartet who have made the switch to starring in serial dramas. Duncan James has made an excellent impact in Hollyoaks as DS Ryan Knight, while Simon Webbe has a regular role in BBC Scotland soap River City.

We wonder where Anthony Costa will turn up...