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Shabnam collapses after a gang attack! EastEnders spoilers (VIDEO)

Shabnam Masood gets on the wrong side of a group of girls after she accuses them of vandalising the community centre in EastEnders next week.

Later she's cornered by the girls and after the subsequent attack she collapses alone in a park.

Earlier, Kush asks Carmel and Stacey to help him reunite Shabnam with Masood, after they fell out due following his search for her daughter, Jade.

But Kush would do well to concentrate on his own priorities – he finishes up chained half-naked to railings after getting into a state while celebrating his 30th birthday and is rescued by Stacey, which leads to another romantic interlude...

Watch the What's on TV preview of upcoming events in EastEnders, above."]