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The Carters' DIY floods the Queen Vic in EastEnders

EastEnders' newest family the Carters will find themselves in deep water when they try to save a bit of money by tackling the damp in the cellar of The Vic.

This week, the Carters discover the pub's damp problem and are furious when they realise Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) knew all about it when he sold them the boozer.

But with Phil refusing to help out with the costs, the cash-strapped Carters have no choice but to do the work themselves.

With money worries on their minds, rather than splashing the cash on a professional to do the job, Nancy (Maddy Hill) and her mum Linda (Kellie Bright) decide to tackle the problem themselves.

Before long the pair find themselves wading through an ocean of trouble as Nancy manages to burst a water pipe, spraying Linda straight in the face with a jet of water.

The dmoestic disrepair screens on EastEnders on BBC One next Friday (January 24).