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The new Moon is the father of Kat's baby!

The new Moon is the father of Kat's baby!
The new Moon is the father of Kat's baby! (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders' Jessie Wallace tells Soaplife who the father of Kat's baby is - Alfie's cousin Michael! It turns out Kat's baby isn't the result of just any old drunken fumble - the child's dad is Michael Moon, Alfie's drop dead gorgeous cousin, played by Steve John Shepherd. What's more, he wants to settle down with Kat! Who will she choose? That was one of the questions we put to Jessie... When did Kat and Michael get together? "He was helping Kat and Alfie with the bar they ran in Benidorm, which was called the Queen Vic!" Was Alfie in prison when they had sex? "Yes. He was locked up for six months. But Kat only slept with Michael once. It was a drunken one-night stand, although I think they both enjoyed it!" So, is Kat in love with Michael? "I think she fancies him, but she definitely doesn't love him." Does he come to Walford for Kat? "No, he comes to help Alfie out with a loan. He only finds out that the baby is his once he gets there." Why does Kat turn Michael down when he says he wants a life with her? "Because it's not what she wants. She wants the baby - she would never have an abortion. She'll love this baby like she loves Zoe. But she also wants to be with Alfie." We fell another big EastEnders secret coming on... Does Kat intend to tell Alfie who the baby's father is? "When the time is right, yes." How does Michael end up at the scan with her? "She's in the caravan waiting for Alfie when Zainab gets Greg to winch it up on a crane. Michael is watching this and is there when Kat says she's got pains in her tummy. He takes her to the hospital and they do a scan to make sure the baby's OK. It is and they find out it's a boy." How does Michael react? "He's moved. He likes the idea of having a son. But Kat's told him she wants to be with Alfie." How does she feel when Michael says he's left her a note and some money back at the caravan? "She panics as she's afraid Alfie will find it - and he does, but Kat doesn't know that!" What does Alfie say to Kat when he sees Michael leaving the caravan? "Kat's ready to tell Alfie the truth at that stage, but Alfie doesn't want to know and she takes that to mean he doesn't want the baby. All their problems stem from miscommunication like this. If they said what they felt, they'd be fine - but it would be boring!" We've heard that Kat agrees to leave Walford with Michael. Why? "Because she thinks Alfie doesn't want her. It's the next best option for her and the baby. Michael's got a bit of money and he is the child's father..." Could Alfie change Kat's mind? "Yes. He just needs to tell her that he knows that Michael is the father, it doesn't matter, he loves her and wants them to be a family. That's all she wants to hear." If they stay together, will Michael always be between them? "It will be hard to forget him seeing as he is the baby's dad. It would definitely make life complicated." Alfie's a nice guy, but could he really bring up his cousin's son as his own? "He'd certainly give it a good try!"

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