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Libby's in for another baby shock in EastEnders!

Libby returns to Albert Square and is shocked to discover mum Denise is pregnant…

The last time Libby Fox was in EastEnders, six months ago, she shocked mum Denise by revealing she was pregnant… then telling her she was going to have a termination.

At first, Denise refused to accept that Libby didn't want her child. She got drunk, then she fell into bed with an equally drunk Phil Mitchell. The result was predictable… Denise herself fell pregnant!

Denise soon came to terms with her daughter's decision and Libby left the Square once again. Phil was so drunk he couldn't remember his one-night stand with Denise and she's kept him in the dark ever since…

Denise has never broken the news to Libby either, so she's in for a big shock when she gets a call from her aunt, Kim Fox-Hubbard, and returns to Walford this week.


When Libby turns up, Denise is forced to reveal the truth about her pregnancy.

Libby's deeply upset by the news, but Patrick encourages her to give her mother the benefit of the doubt.

Later, mother and daughter start bonding again… but Denise gets frustrated when Libby picks her up on her unhealthy habits and she serves up a healthy meal.

Later, Denise gets some surprising news from Masood's estranged wife, Zainab… Will she pass it on?

Then Minute Mart's new area manager surprises Denise when he visits the shop…

The manager's visit angers Denise and puts her in a difficult situation… What will she do? Follow the drama on EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, November 7.