Who tried to kill Aunt Babe in EastEnders?

It looks like it's payback time for nasty pub cook Aunt Babe when she's found unconscious in EastEnders

Since arriving in EastEnders, Aunt Babe has had an unfortunate habit of upsetting people – so there's plenty of folk in Walford who would like to see her put firmly in her place; not least the Cokers, whom Babe has been subjecting to a particularly vicious blackmail campaign.

So when someone takes revenge on the pub cook, the list of suspects is as long as your arm. But who would go so far as to attack her?

Having manoeuvred her way back into The Vic's kitchen, it's not long before Babe manages to upset Abi

Fed up with the pair arguing, Linda takes matters into her own hands and sacks Abi

Later there's a shock in store for Linda and Whitney…

…when they discover Babe lying on the floor unconscious

Horrified, Linda rushes over to her and an ambulance is quickly called

As Linda tends to Babe, she becomes determined to find out who is behind the attack

The next day, in the market, Linda accuses Claudette, having seen her having a run-in with Babe the previous morning



Patrick, however, leaps to her defence. Well, if Claudette's not to blame, who did assault Babe? Find out by watching EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, August 15