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Charity makes a move on Cain in Emmerdale!

Charity seizes the opportunity to kiss her ex as the cracks in Cain and Moira's marriage start to appear in in Emmerdale

When Cain returns from France and stumbles across the HIV medication, he immediately assumes the prescription belongs to drug addict Holly.

However, he's reeling when Moira's forced to explain it's actually hers and she fell on an infected needle during her search for Holly.

Cain can't believe that not only is Holly back on the drugs, but Moira has kept such a huge secret from him. A heated row ensues and Cain ends up storming off, but it's not long before he's back in the arms of his ex, Charity!


After a blazing row with Moira, Cain heads to The Woolpack where he and Charity have a heart and one thing soon leads to another....

Earlier on, Victoria's horrified when she sees Holly talking to dealer Simon, and realises her mate is back on drugs!

Everything falls into place as Victoria realises it's the same man who attacked her in her van.

Meanwhile, when Cain finds the Pep treatment in Moira's handbag he immediately assumes the anti-HIV medication is for Holly but when Moira reveals it's actually hers, a huge row between husband and wife breaks out as Moira's forced to explain what's been going on.

Cain storms off to The Woolpack and starts downing the booze before Charity orders him into the back room. As Cain pours out his troubles the pair start reminiscing and it's not long before old sparks fly and they end up kissing!

Cain spends the night at the pub but the next day Charity can't resist goading Moira when she sees her in the cafe. Will she tell the farmer about her and Cain?

Meanwhile Cain feels terrible about his kiss with Charity and knows that Moira's the woman for him. But when he goes to try and patch things up, James is there...

James has already got wind of Cain sleeping at The Woolpack and has filled Moira in.

Meanwhile when Cain discovers that James has been helping Moira through her HIV scare, he's filled with jealousy.

With both Moira and Cain feeling betrayed by the other one, things escalate.

Cain lashes out at James but is stopped by Moira who yells at him to go.

Cain storms out and smashes a car window. Seeing his fury, Charity tries to remonstrate with him.

But a raging Cain won't listen and gets in his car.

Charity's alarmed when he starts to drive straight towards her and forces her to leap out of the way.

Cain sees James in his car and seeing red decides to run him off the road. But as he speeds towards James's vehicle he notices Moira in the passenger seat.

Will a furious Cain put his own wife's life at risk in the heat of the moment? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday Aug 1.