Debbie Dingle confesses her crime to her family

Debbie Dingle tells the family she was behind the acid attack which has ruined Ross Barton's life

A Ross Barton related saga has serious consequences for Debbie Dingle, who's forced to reveal to her family that she was behind the acid attack which has ruined the mechanic's life. Debbie's daughter Sarah is horrified and decides she wants nothing more to do with her mum.

In the Woolie, Graham enjoys toying with Megan who's desperately worried her fiance Frank will find out she kissed him. Meanwhile, landlady Chas panics when Paddy suggests they organise a 4-D baby scan.

It's Gerry's funeral and Doug is taking care of Terry, the boy's uncle. But Diane, Pollard and Lachlan aren't convinced that skint Terry is to be trusted…



Debbie Dingle's forced to make a confession which shocks her family…

Ross has set up a date with Rebecca but Pete isn't convinced it's a good idea.

When Rebecca fails to show, Ross has an encounter with druggy Dawn.

With his confidence low, Ross is craving female attention and ends up sleeping with prostitute Dawn.

A series of confessions sees Debbie tell Charity, Chas and Sarah the truth about Ross' acid attack.

Charity is stunned by her daughter's revelation.

Chas panics when Paddy suggests they book a 4-D baby scan.

Graham suggests a game of darts with Frank much to Megan and Tracey's horror.

Frank, who has had a sneaky kiss with Megan behind her fiance Frank's back, enjoys toying with the stressed-out businesswoman.

Diane isn't pleased when Doug takes pity on Gerry's skint uncle Terry, who is in the village for his nephew's funeral, and offers him a free room at the B&B.

Doug assures Diane and Pollard that Terry can be trusted.

Lachlan isn't taken in by Gerry's so-called uncle Terry who has taken one of his nephew's hand-drawn comics and is refusing to give it back to Lucky.

As Gerry's funeral begins, Terry's on edge.

Doug is stunned when Terry walks out of the service.

It falls to Doug to do Gerry's eulogy - but where's Terry gone and why's he legged it? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday 4 June.