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Will Aaron get away with robbing Home Farm? Emmerdale’s Danny Miller is worried for him…

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(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Aaron cracks the safe at Home Farm in Emmerdale and cleans it out. But he’s going to find out that wasn’t a smart move, reveals Danny Miller

Life was much easier for Aaron Dingle when he was busy being a rebel. Now he’s settling down with Robert Sugden and raising his half-sister Liv Flaherty – and both are proving to be a bit of a handful. “You have to remember that Aaron is very insecure,” says Danny Miller who plays him. And Rebecca White won’t stop sniffing around Robert… “He worries that Rebecca can offer Robert something he can’t and he is struggling with Liv.”

Why is Aaron struggling with Liv? “He wants to give Liv [Isobel Steele] freedom, while also letting her know that there is love and care at home when she wants it. He doesn’t want to be the parent figure who is resented but, on the other hand, he doesn’t realise quite how much Liv is going off the rails. She is a bit like Aaron was not so long ago!”

 What happens when Liv tells him that Gabby is being bullied? “He doesn’t believe her and then Rebecca [Emily Head] explains that she caught Liv trying to break into The Mill. He then finds Liv drinking as she has stolen a bottle of vodka. He then feels guilty that he didn’t listen to her and she suggests they get a place of their own with Gordon’s money.”

 Does Aaron want to get a place? “No, because if it is bought with money that Gordon left, then Aaron will think of him every time he looks at the four walls and that would mean he’s still winning. He knows he is being selfish, but to him it is dirty money.”

 Why does Aaron break into Home Farm? “Rebecca makes a joke about him buying The Mill and he goes off the deep end. He is insecure and jumpy and it pushes his buttons. He thinks that Rebecca is trying to have a dig and he wants revenge, but she isn’t really.”

 What does he do? “He takes money from the safe at Home Farm. Rebecca knows it was him and as he is on license, he will go to prison if that gets out. Aaron then worries that Robert [Ryan Hawley] won’t be there for him when he gets out. He knows that he has done something really stupid.”

 Would you like to see Aaron and Robert happy together? “Yes, but not too happy. It is always better when there is a mix of emotions. What I like is the fact that people of all ages are rooting for them. Robert and Aaron are so different, yet it works so well between them.”

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