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Emmerdale cliffhanger! 'There is a chance we could see the end of Robron,' says Ryan Hawley

Robert Sugden, Emmerdale
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Robert Sugden's dream proposal goes very wrong when Lachlan interferes and someone's life is in danger, says Emmerdale's Ryan Hawley

Robert Sugden plans to propose to his boyfriend Aaron Livesy in Emmerdale, but when Lachlan White sticks his oar in they all end up on the edge of a cliff, reveals actor Ryan Hawley who plays Robert.

How are things between Robert and Aaron? “They have had their ups and downs, but things are starting to look better as they trust one another more. Their relationship is in a good place.”

What has made Robert decide to propose? “He loves Aaron. He wants to marry him and has run the idea past Victoria who can’t wait to hear what happens when Robert pops the question.”

How does Robert propose? “He keeps trying to ask Aaron the question, but things keep getting in the way. He gets very frustrated because it seems to get increasingly difficult.”

Why does Lachlan get involved? “He mishears something said between Robert and Rebecca and threatens to say that Robert sexually abused him. It’s a lie and when Aaron hears it, he is really offended and has a bit of a scuffle with Lachlan.”

What happens next? “Lachlan walks off, but Aaron is worried because they are trying to get Andy’s name cleared and don’t want Lachlan spoiling things. Unbeknown to Robert, Aaron kidnaps Lachlan and puts him in the boot of the car.”

What does Robert do when he finds out? “He is really angry and while they are arguing about it, Lachlan escapes. They chase him and end up near the edge of a quarry. There is a 60ft drop and all their lives are in danger.” |

Will one of them die? “Someone is going to die in Emmerdale and yes; there is a chance that we could see the end of Robron. Both Aaron and Robert are going to find themselves in a situation which will have audiences on the edge of their seats…”

This is super soap week… what can you tell us about it? "We filmed on location at Longcross and Pinewood studios where big scale blockbusters are made. That shows you the ambition they have for these stories. What they have made is something that hasn’t been done before in a soap. I really loved filming these episodes."