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Danny Miller reveals tragedy behind his charity (VIDEO)

Former Emmerdale star Danny Miller says the death of his late friend, Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth, inspired his charity Once Upon A Smile.

Gavin died in 2010, leaving behind his wife and children and Danny set up the charity to help others affected by a sudden loss. He held a charity ball in Manchester on Saturday, which raised more than £20,000.

"All my friends turned up from Emmerdale and Corrie and everyone showed great support," said Danny. "I was really, really appreciative of it."

He continued: "I started the charity up because a friend of mine passed away and left behind a young lovely family and I wanted to know what I could do for more families like the Blyths. I think it's important to give something back. A lot of people in our position can drum a bit of support by the things you do on television and stuff. I think Britain is great at that, Comic Relief is only a small part of that, I think a lot of celebrities behind closed doors do work for charity."

Watch Danny talk about Once Upon a Smile: