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Emmerdale’s Michael Parr injured in training for Ross’s fight scenes

Emmerdale star Michael Parr has revealed how he dislocated his shoulder – after over-estimating his own strength.

Michael, who has been in training for his bare-knuckle fighting scenes as Ross Barton, admitted he suffered the injury when he tried to pick up a heavy weight.

Michael Parr's Ross knuckles up for the action scenes (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Michael Parr’s Ross knuckles up for the action scenes (ITV/Amy Brammall)

“I popped my shoulder in the gym and it was because I saw a weight and thought I could pick it up – turns out I couldn’t lift it, and blew my shoulder out,” he said.

But Michael reveals he has enjoyed getting down and dirty for the fight scenes.

“It’s been really nice to film. It’s been really good fun. It’s been actiony and stuff and it’s made me get to the gym, I had to do a little bit of training… so I think I owe the writers for that,” he says.

Ross prepares to fight (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Ross is ready to fight his corner (ITV/Amy Brammall)

The actor admitted it’s a change spending more time in the make-up chair.

“I spend more time in the make-up chair than I do on set sometimes,” he said.

“It takes about 45 minutes for the black eye and stuff because the cuts have got to be raised. So they have to put silicone, then cut into it and put the blood in. All very gross but good.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, May 25, 7.00pm