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Emmerdale star Emma Atkins: Charity Dingle gets shock answers from her dad – it changes EVERYTHING!

Charity Dingle visits her dad Obadiah

Charity Dingle tracks down her father Obadiah Dingle

Her abuser DI Bails may have been jailed for rape but Charity Dingle is still paying the price, says Emmerdale star Emma Atkins, who plays her.

The 43-year-old actress reveals that Charity Dingle is still in deep pain in next week’s Emmerdale.

“Charity doesn’t feel happy or relieved,” she says. “Bails’ sentence hasn’t taken the pain away.”

Having had to confront painful memories which she’d kept locked away for decades, the damaged mum is now in free fall and looking for people to blame.

As she hits the bottle, Charity rants at the Dingles for doing nothing to help her when her dad, Obadiah (played by Paul Copley), threw her out of the family, ultimately leading to Bails’ abuse.

Charity takes to the stand

"Bails' sentence hasn't taken the pain away," reveals Emma, who plays Charity Dingle

After a confrontation with Cain, a boozy trip in Zak’s van leads to Charity injuring Monty the dog before passing out in a field. The farmer isn’t too happy with her and calls the police, who let her off with a warning.

Emmerdale spoilers! Drunk Charity Dingle knocks down Zak's dog Monty

Charity inures poor Monty the dog

Back at home Charity declares she wants to find her dad, and Zak admits to having Obadiah’s address.

But will coming face to face with her father ease Charity’s pain, or cut deeper?

“She wants answers,” says Emma. “She learns a lot of shock truths. It changes everything.”

So, what does Charity Dingle discover about her past?

Watch Emmerdale next week on ITV to find out.