Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson: Lachlan White is going to KILL Liv Flaherty!

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Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson has revealed that his murderous character Lachlan White is on a roll and Liv Flaherty and Rebecca White are in danger.

Actor Thomas Atkinson has talked to Soaplife about his Emmerdale character Lachlan White’s latest murderous plot as he goes after Liv Flaherty… And Rebecca White!

What’s the story? Cross Lachlan White and the chances are you’ll be six foot under in no time! But somebody in Emmerdale isn’t aware of the danger they’re in as they send the murdering teen a string of threatening texts.

“It’s playing with his head,” actor Thomas Atkinson revealed to Soaplife. “He thinks it’s Liv Flaherty and, because she’s become such a problem, he wants to get rid of her. Things get even more complicated when Rebecca White jeopardises his plans…”

Are Liv and Rebecca about to be murdered?

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Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: How does Lachlan feel about his body count?

Thomas Atkinson: "He feels a bit guilty and he’s missing his mum, Chrissie White, and his granddad, Lawrence white. He doesn’t want to do these things. In his head, this is all for Belle Dingle. Deep down, he knows it’s wrong, but he’s quite good at convincing himself that what he is doing is right."

Lachlan White watches Gerry Roberts as he heads to retrieve the barrel!

Lachlan bumped off poor Gerry

S: Is he worried about getting caught?

TA: "He’s terrified of it, but he believes he can outwit people. He has to. He’s done all this so that he can be with Belle and, if he is found out, then he’ll lose her."

S: Does he miss murdered pal Gerry Roberts?

TA: "A little bit, but he’s got so much going on with other murders and with Liv and the text stuff that he isn’t thinking about Gerry much."

S: Do you think Belle suspects anything?

TA: "She’s noticed that Lachlan seems a bit distracted, but basically, things between them are going well. They love each other."

S: Would he ever tell Belle about what he’s done?

TA: "No, because he doesn’t think she would understand. He’s struggling with it himself and he realises Belle couldn’t accept any of it."

S: Is Liv in danger?

TA: "Yes. Lachlan is getting these texts and he thinks they’re from Liv. He’s a complete wreck and he’s lost control. Liv’s become a problem, so he has to get rid of her. He’s quite psychopathic in that respect. He only thinks of himself and not the effect on others when he kills somebody."

S: How does he plan to kill her?

TA: "With carbon dioxide. He fiddles with the carbon monoxide detector at Mill Cottage and then he creates a leak. The next day, he heads over to see if it’s worked and he panics because he realises Seb is there, too."

S: What’s so special about Seb?

TA: "Lachlan, Rebecca and Seb are the last three remaining Whites – Seb is the future of his family and he doesn’t want to kill him."

S: What happens when Rebecca White shows up at Mill Cottage?

TA: "Lachlan pushes a bleary Liv over and both she and Robert Sugden are unconscious on the floor. He leaves them both for dead. But as he’s leaving, Rebecca shows up and she demands they call an ambulance. Suddenly, he has another problem to deal with."

S: Will Rebecca cop it?

TA: "She ends up in the boot of his car, so she’s definitely in danger!"

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