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Emmerdale's Adam Fielding: 'Kirin knows Vanessa's lying... then Adam comes downstairs!' (VIDEO)

Emmerdale's Adam Fielding and Michelle Hardwick reveal the moment Kirin discovers the baby his girlfriend Vanessa could be caryring Adam Barton's baby.

Adam, who plays teenage Kirin, told What's on TV: "He's come back home to invite Vanessa to the party that Victoria is doing, so when he comes home... he knows Vanessa's lying, he knows there's something not quite right in her energy. He doesn't know it'sa nurse, but there's something not quite right, nothing's adding up, so he gets a bit out of [Vanessa]. "]

"And then the phone rings and Adam comes downstairs. I think initially Kirin, why would he think of anything? Adam's coming downstairs, I think, for a split second, he thinks 'What the hell's going on?' And then the penny drops."

Michelle added: "And at first it's the initial, 'Are you two just sleeping together? And the fact that it could be Adam's baby doesn't hit him straight away."

Adam continued: "Even the fact of them sleeping together doesn't come straight away. He's innocent, why would that cross his mind? But then as he sees Adam and his face and the way Adam starts to react and pieces two and two together and goes through that journey, 'Oh no, they slept together. No, no, don't tell me it could be the kid!'"

The Vanessa and Adam DNA test scenes screen on Emmerdale on Thursday. Watch Adam and Michelle discuss the drama, above.