Emmerdale's Tony Audenshaw: 'Bob cops a beating from the con Harriet had sent down!'

Emmerdale's Tony Audenshaw tells Soaplife how Bob gets carted off to the cells after a fight…

How does Bob feel in the wake of the wedding day disaster?

"Like everyone else, he is numb with the shock and pain of it all. Both he and Brenda have lost people they know and were going through a bad time anyway with all this fraud business."

What is Bob’s plan to forge ahead?

"Well, he is part of the community and wants to get things cleaned up, so he joins a clear-up committee."

Where does it all go wrong?

"This reporter comes into the cafe and she seems nice. She questions Bob about the people in the village who died and he talks about them and thinks he has done them an honour. But he gets turned over. Bob has been giving out free food and drinks to the emergency services and Brenda [Lesley Dunlop] took some money from a few, so the story ends up as a picture of Bob smiling by the coffee machine with a headline calling him an ‘Evil Fraudster'. "

How do his friends react to the story?

"People don’t believe Bob’s version of events, they believe what they read in the paper and things get a bit physical. Just by chance, there is a policeman there who sees this fight and rings in. Bob is on bail and by getting involved in a fight, he has broken his bail conditions and is taken straight to the cells."

What does he say to Brenda?

"He remembers that when Viv was in prison she didn’t want him or the kids to visit, so Bob tells Brenda to stay away and get on with her life."

What about the twins?

"Brenda says she will take care of them."

Why does Bob want Harriet to find Carly?

"Because if she comes to court there is a chance that she will say it was all her idea and come clean, meaning that Bob might get off."

Why does this annoy Bob's cellmate Ged?

"Harriet [Katherine Dow Blyton] comes to the prison to chat to Bob, and Ged [James Gaddas] recognises her as one of the police officers who put him down for murder. He is not happy about this so gives Bob a beating, which lands him in hospital. Bob is terrified of this bloke and the good thing is that Brenda visits and gives him some sympathy."

What happens next?

"Bob tells the prison authorities that his injuries were accidental. Ged then starts to manipulate by getting Brenda to do favours for him. It is a terrible situation…"