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Has Victoria killed Ashley? Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins reveals all

Emmerdale (opens in new tab)’s Victoria Sugden runs over Ashley, lets Laurel get the blame - and then proposes to Adam! Isabel Hodgins reveals to Soaplife how the drama unfolds…

Life’s not been good for Victoria this year… In addition to brother Andy’s attempted suicide and then discovering that her fiancé Adam slept with Vanessa, she hears that he’s the father of her baby. Then, to top it all off, she hits Ashley with her car and fears that she’s killed him when he’s rushed to hospital.

“She’s terrified,” says Isabel (opens in new tab). “She’s only 21 and fears that her life could be over.”

How does Victoria feel about Adam’s one night stand with Vanessa?

“She’s heartbroken. When Adam [Adam Thomas (opens in new tab)] came out of prison, he promised Victoria the world and she thought that was it – they would be together forever. She really thought they were good, but he has betrayed her and it feels as if her little world has fallen from under her feet.”

What is Robert’s way of sorting this out?

“He tells Victoria that he can help her get revenge on Adam. He places some stolen copper piping in Adam’s scrap yard and threatens to call the police, which will land Adam back in prison. He has hurt Victoria, but she can’t watch him go back behind bars, so she asks Robert [Ryan Hawley (opens in new tab)] to move the piping. He won’t so she ropes in Finn [Joe Gill (opens in new tab)]. There are some really funny scenes.”

Then she’s told Adam is the father of Vanessa’s baby…

“Yes. It’s another blow. Even though Adam cheated on Victoria with Vanessa [Michelle Hardwick (opens in new tab)] she thought they could make it work, but this is yet another reason why they can’t be together. It makes her hate him.”

So how does Victoria end up running Ashley over?

“She wants to find Adam to confront him about being the baby’s father and she drives around in the mini he got her for her 21st birthday. She breaks down, has a little cry and when she sees Adam a red mist descends and she drives at him, but swerves at the last minute. They have a row and when Victoria revs up to shoot off, she accidentally hits Ashley [John Middleton (opens in new tab)]. She’s in total shock, she gets out of the car and Ashley tells her and Adam that he’s OK.”

But he’s not, is he?

“No, he collapses later on and Victoria really thinks he’s going to die. He’s a vicar, a well-loved man in the village with two children and she doesn’t want that on her conscience.”

What does Victoria do when Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy (opens in new tab)) gets the blame for his injuries?

“She feels guilty because she knows Laurel’s situation and that everyone has turned against her, but it means the heat’s not on her and she has space to think about what she’s going to do next.”

Why doesn’t she hand herself in?

“Adam persuades her not to. He explains that she could be done for hit and run if she does.”

Then she asks Adam to marry her! Has Victoria had a knock on the head, too?

“It seems that way, doesn’t it? But all through this thing with Ashley, Adam’s there, holding her hand. He even offers to take the blame and say he was driving the car. That makes Victoria think, ‘Wow! You must really love me’. She realises that Adam is the one for her and just wants to get on with it.”

Emmerdale (opens in new tab), ITV.