It all kicks off in Emmerdale when Paddy's affair is revealed!

Emmerdale's Zoe Henry tells Soaplife what happens when Paddy's secret affair with Tess goes very public…

How are things going with Paddy and Rhona?

“It's really up and down; some days are better than others. It's an uphill struggle, but Rhona wants to stay with Paddy [Dominic Brunt] and adopt. She's desperate to keep everything together."

Then Pierce appears in the pub…

"It's a bolt from the blue. Both Paddy and Rhona thought they would never have to see him again, so it's an awful shock when he walks in. He's clearly heartbroken and in a state of distress. Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] explains that when he got Tess's [Nicola Stephenson] stuff from the hospital, there was a phone and it was not just any phone – it was an affair phone."


"Rhona suggests they meet, just him and and her. She genuinely thinks she can talk him round and tell him not to obsess about the affair. If he lets it go, it can save him from more heartache."

But that’s not what happens, is it?

“No. Pierce starts to divulge what the text messages say and curiosity gets the better of Rhona, who asks to see the phone. I think I would, too! When she reads the texts, anger overwhelms her and she blurts out that Tess's lover was Paddy.”

And Pierce is angry?

"Yes. He storms off to find Paddy and punches him."

And Rhona calls off the adoption…

“Her social worker says that this child will need a happy and stable home and Rhona suddenly realises how insane this is."

Instead, she wants to move to Germany!

"She is hellbent on a change of scenery as she thinks that will help her marriage. Paddy doesn't want to go, but wants to do whatever it takes to save his marriage. The trouble is, Marlon [Mark Charnock] says they can't take Leo with them…"

Emmerdale, ITV