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Jonathan Wrather says Emmerdale's Pierce only shares one characteristic with Corrie's Joe Carter – obsession (VIDEO)

There's a new man in Emmerdale posing many difficult questions. Pierce Harris is the husband of the late Tess, mistress of village vet Paddy, and is played by Jonathan Wrather, who Corrie fans will remember as the dark Underworld boss Joe Carter.

But Jonathan told What's on TVm that Pierce doesn't share many characteristics with bad boy Joe, who tried to con Mike Baldwin in cahoots with Karen McDonald.

"Actually there is one – they're both very driven characters. I think Joe Carter had a twinkle and a bent towards being on the wrong side of the law... that was just his wont. Pierce is actually a lawyer, ironically enough, and he is quite driven and has been career driven and actually when Tess dies it's a catalyst for how remiss he's been in his relationship with her... so he sort of changes his ways."

Meanwhile, the residents of Emmerdale are in shock after Tess's death. But Pierce wants some answers. What was Tess doing at the village before her death? Who was she there to see?

"Pierce becomes quite obsessive finding out what happened," says Jonathan. "He needs answers. He's falling apart and it's driving him nuts. He's quite an intense character."

Watch our interview with Jonathan as he remembers his days in Weatherfield and looks forward to more twists and turns on his new Emmerdale role. "]

Emmerdale continues weeknight on ITV at 7pm.