Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye talks Megan Macey’s shock revenge on ‘cheating’ Frank Clayton

Emmerdale - Megan Macey Graham Foster

Emmerdale actress Gaynor Faye has revealed that when Megan Macey thinks her lover Frank is cheating on her she has takes a particularly vindictive payback.

Megan Macey makes a big mistake when she thinks Frank Clayton is playing away as he’s actually planning a proposal, actress Gaynor Faye has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Megan Sharma’s love life has been bumpier than a dirt track and she hoped she’d finally got it sussed with Frank Clayton. However, she fears the worst when she hears him whispering sweet nothings and she learns he’s been to a jeweller’s.

"She’s really in love with Frank," shares actress Gaynor Faye. "She jumps to the wrong conclusions about him and she’s devastated. Then she kisses Graham Foster!"

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Gaynor Faye’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: What do you make of Megan and Frank as a couple?

Gaynor Faye: “They have great potential to get up to all sorts of mischief together as neither of them are shy at pulling a fast one. They’re both well educated and they’re both used to the darker side of life. They’re a pretty good match.”

Megan gets a huge shock when Frank proposes

Megan gets a huge shock when Frank proposes

S: What does she like about him?

GF: “He’s a bit of a smooth criminal really. He’s good fun and she likes him because he comes with this ready-made family.”

S: Why does she think he’s up to no good?

GF: “Unbeknown to her, he’s helping Rishi Sharma, who’s on a date. He also buys a ring, which Megan doesn’t realise is for her – he wants to propose! She wrongly jumps to the conclusion that he’s cheating again and she goes straight for the jugular. The trouble is, because he’s cheated on her before, she doesn’t fully trust him.”

S: What does she do?

GF: “She cuts up his clothes! That was such fun to film. It was quite cathartic. I was a bit worried about it and I asked wardrobe if they’d bought them from a charity shop. The Yorkshire girl in me didn’t want to ruin anything that was expensive.”

S: Why does she kiss Graham?

GF: “She’s a faithful woman who’s never committed adultery before, so when she started working with Graham it was purely work. He’s a man of mystery and she’s intrigued by him. She finds him alluring. He’s been subtly flirting with her, too. When he first asks her out for a drink, she leaves. But after suspecting Frank of cheating, she confides in Graham. There’s a bit of electricity and she kisses him.”

S: What happens next?

GF: “She runs off. She feels guilty and she thinks, ‘What have I done? This is ridiculous!’”

S: How does she feel when Frank explains himself?

GF: “He says he was talking into one of those Bluetooth things for Rishi and she feels terrible. She feels stupid for reacting in the way she did. She’s also a bit fearful as Frank makes it very clear he wouldn’t forgive adultery.”

S: Is she afraid that Graham will blab about the kiss?

GF: “No because he’s quite secretive any way. She talks to him and he agrees to keep quite, but somebody else finds out and that is obviously a loose cannon!”

S: Who should she choose?

GF: “Michael Praed would kill me if I said Graham. He reminds Megan of her brother, Declan, so she understands him. They could probably have a really intense, passionate and probably dangerous relationship.”

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