Emmerdale’s Mike Parr on Ross Barton acid attack trial: ‘Ross assumes it will go his way’

Emmerdale Ross Barton

Emmerdale actor Mike Parr has talked about what’s next for Ross as his attacker faces trial and whether the truth will come out!

Emmerdale star Mike Parr has told Soaplife that acid attack victim Ross has yet another hurdle to jump when he faces his attacker in court.

What’s the story?

The acid attack has left Ross Barton scarred both physically and mentally. When his attacker is finally brought to trial he’s hoping it will help him move on. But there could be more twists and turns to come…

“When he sees it’s Simon McManus in the dock, he realises he recognises him from somewhere,” actor Mike Parr told Soaplife. “He feels confident that he will go down.”

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Mike Parr’s interview with Soaplife about what's next for Ross Barton

Soaplife: Before the trial, Ross breaks into the vet’s. Why does he do that?

Mike Parr: “To get some drugs. He’s addicted and that is the nature of it. It takes over and controls you. He’s desperate.”

S: He also made a pass at Rhona Kirk!

MP: “His head’s in the shed and he’s not thinking straight. Rhona showed some interest in him and his confidence is obviously very low. He then misread a few signals due to not having the clearest vision.”

S: It wasn’t to get at Pete then?

MP: “No. He doesn’t want to lose the only family member he has left. Rhona explains to Pete that Ross is addicted to drugs and he made a move on her and it just makes him even more worried about his brother. He and Pete need each other more than ever now.”

S: Would he consider suicide?

MP: “There might be possible thoughts of suicide, but ultimately he has a son, Moses, he has to carry on for. Ross is a natural father and he has to be there for his boy. I hope this relationship is the thing that saves him. At the moment, it’s a major contributing factor for him carrying on.”

S: Trial twists and shock verdicts do happen in Emmerdale. How will he feel if Simon gets off?

MP: “There are never any guarantees, but they have a witness so Ross assumes it will go his way. If Simon got off, he would be gutted. However, he might also think they got the wrong person.”

S: How will he react if he finds out Debbie Dingle was behind the attack?

MP: “That would be heartbreaking for him. It would represent treachery in the highest form. Debbie and Donna Dingle are the only people he’s truly loved since he came to the village.”

S: Why doesn’t he seek help?

MP: “He’s too macho. He did go to counselling once, but that is nowhere near enough.”

S: How do you switch off after filming these harrowing scenes?

MP: “I know when to turn it on and when to turn it off. I’m taking some of the make-up home as it takes so long to take off, but I don’t take the emotion with me as I have no idea what it would be really like to go through this. I would be foolish if I pretended to.”

S: What’s it like working with Rhona actress Zoe Henry?

MP: “She’s a sweetheart, and she’s very funny and very professional. It’s been a lovely warm change. I’ll miss her when normal service resumes.”

S: Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Ross?

MP: “I haven’t had a happy story in five years, so why break the habit of a lifetime?!”

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