Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb: 'HUGE twist for Moira and Emma!'

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Emmerdale’s Moira, Natalie J Robb, has told Soaplife that a dramatic barn fire is not the only shock events for Moira Dingle and Emma Barton

Moira Dingle finds herself faced with crazed killer Emma Barton, when Emma turns on her former sister-in-law in a blazing conclusion to Emma’s tragic story. Actress Natalie J Robb has talked to Soaplife and hinted at a huge shock twist!

What’s the story?

There’s more drama over at the Farm for Moira Dingle who finds herself in the eye of the storm as her sister-in-law Emma implodes. The women have a fight, a fire starts and there is a huge shock in store for Moira. “She fears for her life,” Natalie J. Robb told Soaplife. “The fire is bad, but the most frightening thing is Emma.” Will Moira live to tell the tale?

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Soaplife's interview with Natalie J Robb

Soaplife: Is Moira surprised to see Emma?

Natalie J Robb: “She’s tired after a busy day clay pigeon shooting with Faith and is finishing off work in the barn. It’s quite late, so she wonders why Emma has shown up. From the state of her, Moira quickly works out that she is not in a good way.”

S: What happens next?

NJR: “Emma is acting erratically, so Moira decides to play along. Emma starts quizzing her about James and what he meant to her. Moira tries to pacify Emma, but she can’t say the right thing as the nurse keeps twisting her words.”

S: What does Emma want?

NJR: “She wants to know if Moira loved James and what they meant to each other. She is very agitated, so this is obviously eating her up.”

S: What does Moira think when Emma confesses to murder?

NJR: “She is shocked to hear Emma say she pushed James off the bridge. Then, she blames Moira for it. Moira has moved on and thought that she and Emma were getting along okay, but clearly Emma has a problem with Moira and the situation is frightening.”

S: How does the fight start?

NJR: “As they are talking, Emma edges closer to Moira. She breaks away and tries to escape, but Emma goes for her, grabs a pitchfork and thrusts it at her. In the tussle, the pitchfork hits a light and this causes a fire. The two of them don’t spot it at first, but it spreads and then an oil drum explodes.”

S: Will either of them perish in the flames?

NJR: “Well, initially it looks as if Emma is leaving Moira there to die. That’s all I can tell you. There are some massive twists, so I’d urge you to tune in.”

S: What were these scenes like to film?

NJR: “It was tiring as we did a few night shoots, but it was exciting too. We had stunt and special effects people working with us and Gillian Kearney and I had to jump from a big fireball explosion.”

S: Did you feel safe?

NJR: “Yes, I was wearing special fireproof clothing. I had two layers on plus different versions of the same outfit as Moira’s clothes get into a worse state.”

S: What else can you tell us about the big week?

NJR: “For a start I was so pleased to be part of it – I tried to book a holiday and was told to go a different time. I was so excited when I read the scripts – the fire is just the beginning of it. The week just gets bigger and bigger and a lot of it you won’t find out about until you watch it.”

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